Money, Power and Fame- Through the Work Place

Money, power and fame is not the prerogative of industrialists or businessmen or politicians only. One can have these things through work (service) also. For example A.M.Nayak, Deepak Parekh, and many others started as Management Trainees or Graduate Engineer Trainees and have gone on to become Chairmen and Managing Directors. A person at the junior level initially has to possess certain qualities of getting along with colleagues and that too in a nice way.

Power, money and fame are definitely the top three things that can make a person popular at work.

First learn to be friendly with colleagues at work. Feel free and communicate with your colleagues. Enter the office with a smile on your face and make an effort to greet people cheerfully once you reach office. Try and adopt a friendly mindset. The more time you spend with your work mates the better they’ll get to know you.

Show empathy: Your empathy reflects your capacity to see things from another person’s point of view and to experience his/her feelings. When you connect with someone’s feelings and they believe you are with them, it really makes a lot of difference.

Don’t gossip or complain: If you know all the office gossip, please keep it to yourself or don’t open your mouth if you’re not sure about anything. Watching a colleague progress in the firm is always the number one topic for gossip. There are people in every office, who fuel the gossip fire and tell you stories about what they think s/he has done to achieve success. But remember it’s best to take such rumors with a pinch of salt and never repeat them to anyone. If you do, it’ll harm your own reputation. So, just stay away from gossips and rumors.

Tell your boss that you like the new ad campaign s/he came up with. Genuine flattery goes a long way. In fact even if your boss or a colleague is looking good you can always compliment them but at a proper time and occasion.

Laughter is the best medicine. If you have a great sense of humor you can make your colleagues laugh, nothing like it. Your workmates will love you for your humor and you will always be remembered for it.

Be there for your colleagues: If you colleague is disturbed about something, don’t leave him/her alone. Try talking to your colleague and find out what the matter is. Ask if there is anything you can do to help him/her out. If you manage to help your colleague, you will always be admired for being there in times of trouble.


If you want people in your office to like you, learn to gain attention. You also need to be a little unique from the rest of the people in your office. The way you dress and the way you speak has to have a certain charisma to pull them towards you.


If your colleagues often crack jokes on you, don’t take it too seriously. It simply means that people like you and enjoy pulling your leg. This also means that you are being noticed. If you take it too personally, you may come across as a sensitive person and your workmates may shun you for good the next time you join them.


One must have the following qualities to be popular in office:


–Good networking skills

— Leadership qualities

—  A positive body language

— Politeness


In addition to the above you must be well qualified and have professional knowledge and should  be able to converse meaningfully even with seniors. They should be amazed at your knowledge in spite of being at a higher level than you.


A. M. Nayak joined L&T as GET and is now the current Chairman and MD of a huge empire of Larsen & Toubro Group of Companies. Shri Deepak Pariekh joined HDFC and is now a well-known management figure. Narayana Murthy was an employee at Patni Computers and due to differences of opinion with his boss resigned from the company along with four others and started Infosys. Infosys now has a good reputation in the IT industry and Narayana Murthy is a consultant on Modern Management. He voluntarily left the post of CEO and is now the Chairman of Infosys. Late Dr C K Prahalad had a humble beginning in Chennai and later on went to the US to become a professor in Harvard. Now he is hailed as the “Management Guru” all over the world. Closer home Late Shri  Dhirubhai Ambani from a Petrol Pump attendant in Athens came back to India to first step up a Business in Nylon yarn and later on became an Industrialist with plants in Pathalganga, Hajira, Jamnagar and Baroda and Nagothane.


The above are a few examples of what you can call  from“ Rags to Richest”






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