Why is a Manager Required?

In any organization managers have various functions such as marketing, production, purchase, material management, supply chain management, finance, HR, project and similar posts required by the organization. But in each case the manager should have knowledge of the functional area. He should also be familiar with budgeting expenses in his department and also spending the money allocated to him by top management. For example, a purchase manager must allocate the budget for procurement of inputs he is buying annually for the production. He should also allocate money for expenses like conveyance and all other departmental needs. Here I have assumed the manager to be a departmental head. But this will change according to the size of the organization.

A manager must also understand the people working with him and develop them suitably to give a better performance. Now I am giving the manager’s role of each function and what he must know.

I am mentioning the HR manager first, as he has to play the role of generating payroll, recruitment and training and development of the entire organization. He has to organize training internally or outsource from external agencies. Same thing regarding recruitment. He has to undertake the task internally or entrust the task to consultants outside the organization.

Let us take the case of marketing. A marketing manager must be fully aware and have knowledge of the product and services he is selling. Secondly,  it is very important for him to know about his customers and other users in the market for his organization’s products and services. He should make specific plans to increase the market share for which he has to obtain permission from the management for expenses of advertising, sales promotion and  other relevant and applicable expenses.

The marketing manager should also have an eye on his team and provide the opportunities to team members, by formal training, on –job training, and personal guidance. He should also cover the territories not covered earlier through distribution channels or deploying  sales force. Also he should keep an eye on new products or substitute products introduce by the competitors. If feasible he must also plan to introduce such products with a price advantage and usability. He should take the approval of Higher management regarding expenses and development of new products.

Next, I take up supply chain, purchase, stores and materials under materials management. First step is to develop the source and obtain trial lots after the approval of the same. Developing the source and taking them under approved vendor lists. Any big company nowadays outsource 80 per cent of the components in the Engineering Industry.

In the process industry the additives are bought and added to the main raw materials in- house. They are then processed for finished products. Any material manager normally has three managers under him. They are Purchase Manager, Store Manager and Logistic Manager. The material manager personally looks after inventory control and periodically make changes in areas of  purchase, stores and supply chain management. The material manager approves the vendors based on the spade work done by  purchase manager and the bought out items or procured ones from the approved vendors.

The store manager reporting to material manager receives the input items  form the vendor and in-house shops and stores them properly. The material received from in-house shops are finished goods which are dispatched to various destinations as per the instructions of the marketing manager. The inputs materials received from vendors are issued to various in-house shops for further processing into finished products based on the shop requisition signed by the proper authority.

The supply chain management headed by a manager or a person at a slightly lesser position reporting to the material manager organizes the transport to collect materials from various vendors and also dispatch to various destinations as required.

The production manager oversees the production and manufacturing of goods as decided by the marketing and higher management at the beginning of the fiscal year.

The project manager may be independent and directly report to the CEO of the company or all production managers. Expansion or new products are looked after by project managers.

The Finance manager is supposed to summarize all the activities i.e. incoming revenue and expenses in terms of money and is responsible for generating a proper annual report at the end if the fiscal year in concert with the company secretary (CS).

IT and ITes industries are service oriented and so the equation is different. There the manager is heading the SBU and the marketing and procurement can be a centralized operation. Each company has its own policies.

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    nice!!! it is clear and precise per each responsibility. but it is good to have a link for those who would like to read more on each managers type. for instance i would like to know more about Human Resource Manager. what i get here is the initial point what a HR manger should do. how about the detail one? any ways thank you.   


    Yes, each company has its own policies and procedures.  A Manager’s job is to manage the jobs of his Department in an efficient manner.  He has to take initiative for process improvements in different functions.  His job profile include Vendor Development, Vendor Rating, Vendor Relation, Distribution of Jobs to lower level, Obtain Feed back Reports from internal and External customers, site visits, visits to Vendors premises, Automation of the Department, implement best practices in his department, market update for major commodities, sourcing of materials and machineries, attend MRM, conduct training for his staff, implement good methods to wipe out errors and rework, give advance information on price hike for major items to Project Managers and Management, suggest value engineering, give KRA KPI to the subordinates, review of achieved vs targeted KRA KPI of staff, arrange happy gathering, give cash awards and certificates to the best performer in each functionary area, motivate the people, celebrate zero pending day, celebrate zero defects day, prepare monthly credit analysis of suppliers, conduct yearly vendor buyer meet, clarify the doubts of purchase professionals, give update status of Requisitions to the end user as and when  required, resolve the problems of vendors and negotiate with vendors covering price, quality, delivery, warranty, discounts etc and signing of LPOs and IPOs.   In some companies, Purchase Manager is not working under Materials Manager.  On the contrary, he may be reporting to Vice Chairman.


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    Great inputs!  In addition, Managers are required to synergize team’s efforts, resources, machines, systems and processes, and values in achieving its business goals.

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    All responsible managers must have the ability to assess the effectiveness of the training they plan and deliver to the reporting officers in order to make continual improvement in work and make preparations for future potential opportunities. 

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    OMG…….inputs r really good & helpful.Pls keep posting these type of articles and it is beneficiary for us,.thanx a lot Sir.

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    Best organizations have managers with broader, multi-department domain knowledge. If departments and managers remain too specialized then cross-functional improvement in quality, cost, and delivery is less likely. Reliance on departmental specialty skills can lower overall organizational responsibility.  For example, a people problem in production can be blamed on failures in the HR department; failures in a technical process such as welding can be blamed on HR (training), the quality department (didn’t check), or purchasing department (bought inferior weld wire). So best organizations develop managers by giving them time to work in many departments over their careers then move into positions for integrated oversight and decision-making.

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    hi,it nice can we getan article on how do you distinguish between a leader and a manager.

  • Nice Article in terms of detailing various departmental managerial roles. Typically I feel that, the general responsibilities of a manager are to manage and improve on People, Process and Productivity.

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    it is very good article,These are article should read the directors of organization.In one organization all the department should work as a one ,work for selfish is a danger to the organization ,if work for organization all the problem will solve very systematically 

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  • Excellent article! Managers are required in all realms — If you observe carefully, you’ll see that there is a manager for everything that is happening. The job of the manager is to collaborate with the team and get the right things done within schedule, within budget.

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    Excellent sounds like a echooooooooooo for manage every thing.

  • In a real sense, the primary job of a manager of a unit of people is to get important work done through others. The comment A manager must also understand the people working with him” is a vital skill in this process.

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    Manager manages people and ensures achievement of the targets within available resources.

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    Good. the word Manager it self describe that who manages the things whether man, material or any things which he come across in day to day life.More can be said…….

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    we need managers for each department, bcs v cannot maintain everything in a firm / organization. so v need managers to controll certain things. Then only v can concentrate in some other work for to grow up our business. Thats y v are recruiting managers. Managers helps the employees in effective complition of work.

  • Ravi Yadav

    we need managers for each department, bcs v cannot maintain everything
    in a firm / organization. so v need managers to controll certain things.
    Then only v can concentrate in some other work for to grow up our
    business. Thats y v are recruiting managers. Managers helps the
    employees in effective complition of work. 

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    we need managers for each department, Because We cannot maintain everything
    in a firm / organization. so we need managers to controll certain things.  So We are recruiting managers. Managers helps the
    employees in effective complition of work. 

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    you know this is a favorite topic of mine. But as a corollary is Who can really manage a bunch of hard core professionals who know they are the best at their job.

    As a manager I feel that only those who have really done the job sometime in life can be a good manager. Managers don’t only mean doing spreadsheets and word documents reporting to the strata above. They are a buffer sitting between the worker bee and the queen bee (read management). If a manager doesn’t know whats happening lower down, can he project a correct picture of the same higher up???? This brings a another set of questions which are best raised by the worker bees.

     “Just enforcing the queen bee’s decision” is it why a manager is required?? 

    I can only talk IT / ITES as I come from that background. But it holds good for other industries too.

    .Does it work for a project Manager who is managing a team of Java developers and don’t even know what JAVA is as he came from a networks background?

    As a worker bee I can always tell him 22 hrs for a job which takes maybe 2 mins.(exaggeration !!!)

    What about yearly appraisals for the juniors? for all you know the one who had actually done the work is in a shadow as he doesn’t advertise.

    As far as I am considered the manager is a necessary evil you can’t live without. But a manager doing justice to his work and at the same time rising is a very rare happening.

    We as HR folks seldom give it a thought. For us the job ends where I have forwarded a CV of a person fulfilling his duties. By doing so are we fulfilling our duties?????

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    World would have been a much better place without managers.

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    To manage means that using available resources in an efficient and effective way to  achieve desired results to benifit  the organization as well as all other stakeholders.  To control means that having an ability to monitor as well as apply suitable action to keep the situation under desirable limits.

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