Software testing – now a main business

What began as another way to improve bottom lines has now become a key differentiator for Indian IT companies. Software testing has come of age even as several companies have begun to offer this as their main line of business. Gone are the days when this service offering came bundled along with others. Analysts have already placed their bets on this offering.

If Think Soft specializes in testing for banking sector, Sasken and Wipro rule the roost in telecom. In fact, Wipro was one of the first to go all out and offer this service nearly five years ago. On the other hand, a company like Re1Q was founded only to do testing. Today, it is not about giving testing work to a Tier I vendor; instead domain specialization within testing is the buzzword going by the increasing amount of work that is coming India’s way.

Today there are clients who do not prefer to give testing and coding work to the same vendor. Testing is completely about domain specialization.

For the second quarter, testing contributed 6.8% of Infy’s revenues, while it already contributes 10% to Wipro’s global revenues and is growing at 60-70% year-on-year. With over 5,000 people, Wipro prides itself in being able to test practically anything that is remotely connected to telecom. Whether it is the point-of-sale terminals for the retail sector or new software that gets released often in the cell phone industry, they are at a point where they can choose their own framework to apply the testing capability to any vertical.

iGate Global solutions recently opened a Center of Excellence for dependent verification and validation within their Whitefield campus in Bangalore. The fact here is that this company chose to talk about testing only after it realized that this service offering had grown in stature within a short time span. This announcement came when the testing facility at iGate was over 300 strong. This company is all set to add nearly $10 million to the top line during this fiscal.

It is purely for our large enterprise customers and product clients. The cost of fixing problems in software after launch is very high. Therefore customers now prefer end-to-end testing rather than specifics adds chief officer.

A Gartner study estimates the testing services to be about $13 billion by 2010. With nearly $6.1billion of this is likely to be outsourced. India is expected to get 70% of the business.