Male Professional Vs. Female Professional

There are things in life that are incomparable but, it is the human tendency to compare and judge people and situations on various factors.  Though today we talk a lot about gender equity and female empowerment but, when it comes to assign responsibility or showing trust for official work people still prefer male professionals. The road of professional life is not at all easy for the females. There are lots of hurdles and one of the biggest problems is even female professionals are not supportive of their female colleagues and bosses.

When it comes to efficiency or knowledge no one can say that female’s lack knowledge or are not efficient enough to manage certain tasks. People often say that males are better professionals than females but, in reality we cannot compare professionals on the basis of their gender.

If we analyze the situation from the root we will notice that the root cause of the comparison is deep-rooted in society. There was a time when society was not at all ready to accept females working outside the home but, with the passage of time and change in social norms females also came into the outer world and they started working with males.


Their entry into the professional world was quite late and when they entered here the professional world was a bit skeptical about the role and success of females. As a result they do not get an encouraging gesture from their male counterparts and to prove their talent in such a non-welcoming world they start behaving in a manly way. Movies from Hollywood, comic strips all show their prejudice against the female boss. The Post World-War II period was quite hostile towards female professionals and there were few females working at a higher position. Thanks to education and the changing mindset of the people now the situation is better and the number of female CEOs is increasing too.

Now the scenario has changed for the better. The position of female professionals is getting better. Earlier females had to fight for everything. The condition was more difficult in Asian countries like India where females barely got admission in schools for proper education. In such conditions females have to give their 100% to prove their efficiency. It would be unjustified to call females less competitive or inferior in performance to the male professionals.

There are thousands of examples in our daily life that show that females are not less capable. There are few jobs that are considered not suitable for females but here the reason is more related to physical strength than mental ability. Now females are well-educated and can manage difficult tasks with full confidence and tactfully.

When it comes to decision making, job analysis or tough decision making females are not any inferior to male professionals. The skill and knowledge level is almost same in males and females and the applicability of knowledge depends on personal insight. There are many cases where male professionals made a wrong decision or their method was not right so it would be totally wrong to judge someone’s performance on the basis of gender.

Female professionals are more under pressure and they put an extra effort to perform well. When it comes to choosing managers earlier professionals and people were not cordial towards female boss and there was lots of prejudice connected to a female boss but, now the social scenario has changed a lot and females are standing in equal line with their male competitors. Females are better at managing staff and teams. They make the atmosphere more cordial and productive in the organization. It provides a boost to the employees and motivates them to give their 100% to the organization. Female bosses are better at understanding the employee’s tendency and nature and it gives them an advantage over male boss.

It is really tricky to answer if one gender is better than the other. There are several factors that can affect a person’s performance. Though for some work female professionals are better where as for some other jobs male professionals are more competent.

One of the positive traits of female bosses is that they are more supportive and instead of reprimanding or scolding they encourage professionals to perform better and to learn from their mistakes. It is a natural ability of females to read the mind and the emotions of others, this also helps them in managing people effectively.

The debate about male versus female is never ending, remember it is an individual who performs with his/her ability not just a male or female.

There is a tendency to show mistrust to a novice professional even if you are sitting in a car and your driver is new you will not show your confidence on him no matter how good he is at his job same is the case with female professionals.

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