Survival in the World of Business and Marketing

Today we live in a tough and highly competitive world. The world of business and marketing is no exception, it has become extremely competitive. Every day thousands of brands are emerging claiming themselves to be better than the rest, but only few of them survive in the war. Our professional and business world is the finest example of the survival of the fittest. The current economic scenario and recession have made surviving on the job a tough task.   If we closely examine the term survival of the fittest we will come to know that here the fittest does not mean strongest, smartest, fastest or best, but here fittest denotes the ability to adapt to the current condition to make your existence possible in the current scenario.

The employees are showing an inclination towards adding value to the organization through added responsibilities. From the employees’ point of view, upgrading skills and multi-tasking would make them preferred candidates.

Many companies are downsizing their employee strength and also adopting various cost cutting initiatives. Keeping this in mind, many employees have started realizing the fact that in order to keep up with the present situation, one should start enhancing one’s job skills and also multi task.

Here the main concern is why few people and companies thrive while other perish during tough times. Recession or economic doom is not for the few, but almost everyone faces it. Few succumb whereas few survive. It is important to know what it takes to survive in a difficult situation. People who change themselves and adapt to new conditions are more successful in comparison to those who find it hard to adapt and accept the change. Instead of resisting the changes learn to accept the changes and mould yourself accordingly.

Professional world and business world are the right examples of survival of the fittest. Though to secure your position you have to be the best, but to remain in the race one has to show adaptability and flexibility. It does not matter whether you work in the IT field, bank,  finance or in the academic area it is important to incorporate new changes with the passage of the time. Change is the law of nature, nothing remains static and those who fail to realize the need for change or resist the change either remain far behind in the race or lose their existence.

Flexibility is the key factor of the survival. It is the biggest challenge to maintain the originality and identity yet accept changes. The trait of flexibility is very important in order to be a successful professional; it could be in terms of time adjustment, team adjustment or adaptability and acceptability to new responsibility.

No risk, no gain sounds clichéd, but the relevance of this phrase is still the same. Many people avoid taking risks in professional life. It is human tendency to follow the safest path for a secure existence, but sometimes it becomes important to take risks and break the rituals. Expand your horizon and create new opportunities to explore. Sometime it becomes essential to take risks to secure your survival. Either you run a business or work for any organization it is very crucial to take risk and explore new horizons rather than following the old theme.

To survive in the professional world it is very important to maintain a regular flow of significant communication with higher authorities and colleagues. One must know how to express opinions and views, it is equally important to listen carefully what other says. Create a network and connection among seniors and colleagues. Support positive and motivational conversation, it is good for the personal growth as well as for professional growth. Negativity obstructs the path of success, try to remain positive and motivated in your communication.

Survival of the fittest is all about adaptability, critical thinking and creativity. One must keep themselves motivated, energetic and enthusiastic to face the different challenges of professional life. To survive in this hard competitive world it is very important to keep your knowledge updated. Learn new skills and expand your practical knowledge and make yourself a valuable asset to the organization.

Ups and downs are part of personal and professional life. Sometimes these changes are so drastic that they uproot the existing system. Learn to adapt yourself to drastic changes and face challenges positively in personal as well as in professional life. Either you work for an organization or run your own business no one can escape changes, and to grow in this competitive world it is essential to learn to survive.

Most of the tough situations give two options fight or flight, and to survive in a tough condition one must fight.