Tracing Digital Footprints of Ex-employees : Restoring Intelligence Virtually [Video]

Adam Ostrow in his TED Talk “After your final status update” shared how a final update can be programmed, in our social networking sites, even after we are dead. Sounds, intriguing! Especially, when we cease to exist , would we really care what happens to our online profiles?

An internal social media platform exists seamlessly in every organization through Sharepoint, Yammer, Chatter, Qontext and Mango Springs, to name a few. Firms often develop an in-house tool to manage the social platform. What iEngage does for Infosys, Cognizanti delivers for Cognizants. These platforms disseminate knowledge and store the tacit information that may either stay hidden or leave each time the employee resigns.

How is the digital foot print stored and reused when the employee leaves? Curating the tangibles including the personal profile and contributions to the repository, calls for a natural action. The comments made by them on Wiki remains. The profile may turn dormant but every contributions and comment would be restored. How would the intelligence of the employee be used, long after they leave?

Global Knowledge communities face similar situation when a contributing member expires. Jabran, a member to CiteHR was reported dead, by his bereft. He was an NLP Tainer and contributed with his knowledge and experience in helping members solve real-life problems Interview questions and Help me tame my fear . The loss was deeply grieved and our condolence with his family. He left his mark with his contribution in this knowledge community .

Adam Ostrow shared futiristic scenarios where the intelligence of the human being is coded in a robot and fed into the system. This will use the same predictive analysis, which that individual might have used. Resulting, in same response and choices, replicating the natural response by the individual. The technology further aids to create a virtual self of the real individual. If this ever becomes possible, might turn the best tool for knowledge transfer and building business intelligence, beyond the test of time, even long after the employee leaves. This may not resolve the attrition issue, but immortalized the intellectual capital of an individual.

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Adam Ostrow: After your final status update


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