How to Get the Work Done from a Team?

You can go on and on about what are the basics to successful team building. After all, there is no fixed formula to what makes a group of people click on different occasions. But there are a few principles that are followed by almost every manager. Here are some practical propositions to team building that can help:

It is very important for a team leader to be honest to his/her team. S/he should tell them exactly where they stand within the organization. A team leader should convey the right information in a positive manner. Once your team members know their exact position in the organization, they will take your instructions in a better manner. Honesty is the best policy.

Be consistent about your communication with your team members. Remember, you will lose credibility with your team members if you communicate the same situation differently with different team members. For instance, if you rebuke a team member for his/her mistake, and spare someone else when s/he does the same mistake, you lose credibility. Also, make sure that you manage your moods at work. If you project a professional behavior, no matter what the situation is, your team will surely respect you. Consistency is the key.

Always be frank with your team members. If there is any bad news coming for your team or the organization, make sure you sit down for a meeting and share this important news with them. Avoid using phrases like “The management asked me to keep it secret”, “I don’t have all the facts yet”, “I don’t think the employees can handle bad news”, etc. At times employees are aware of the bad news even before their managers get to know about it. Lastly, employees would appreciate whatever information you share with them. Remember, they can handle bad news as long as their managers are concerned about them.

When you emphasize on feedback and insist on giving/receiving constant feedback, you build a bond of trust that improves your team’s performance. Make feedback a thumb rule. Your team members work hard, and by giving feedback you show that you appreciate their efforts and the difference they make. Let them know that you value their feedback, to make the work environment a ‘win-win’ situation.

People go to work because they want to make a difference at their job, as well as their lives. One of the best ways to generate team support is to involve them in solution creation process. Be it staff meetings, one-on-one sessions, workshops, etc, create an atmosphere that lets your team members express themselves freely. Try this, and you will be showered with innovative, proactive and practical solutions that are better than what you imagined. In short involve your team in team building.

Office work reminders:

To enable one to complete actions required in day to day office work irrespective of position following supports can help in accomplishing the tasks:

* Post-it notes: Stick them onto your computer, desk board. Post-its are easy ways to remember matters, especially stuff like making calls, sending mails or couriers. You can keep different colored post-it notes for different projects.

* Diary: For those, who are in the habit of checking notes every now and then, there’s nothing better than maintaining a diary. You can keep detailed information in a diary but make sure you highlight important matters so that they do not get lost in the clutter.

* Mobile reminders: You carry your mobile everywhere you go. So, let your cell beep as and when required to remind you of certain tasks you need to complete.

* Personal assistant: You could request your colleague to help you out in remembering important things, if s/he has a good memory. Just tell him/her at what time you would like to be reminded that’s it.

* Time table: If you have a slight memory disorder, you can do with a simple time table. Take a piece of chart paper and write down all the important tasks with a marker. Stick it on the desk and look at it every now and then.

Working with teams is common to any positions call it team leader, middle management executive, departmental head and above. One should know how to motivate his team  and get the work done in the best interest of the organization. Art of delegation plays a key role in getting the work done and motivating the team  properly.

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  • Another aspect of “Time table” is to establish a regular schedule of status report meetings where the staff is expected to provide a quick summary of where they are on a given assignment.

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