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How can ‘Professional Learning’ be ‘Personally Managed’? Precisely, this learning is not an institutional owned or run by any organization, but you. It is not mandatory, yet that’s all you do. If you are reading this and are a member of CiteHR, probably you have already been practicing it . It stands beyond any course or certification.

Everyday at work, you come across millions of information which you refine for your implementation. You shuttle from one implementation to another. In this busy process, do you reflect on, what did you learn? What is your learning plan? Do you identify an area and start reading on it? Or you let the circumstances guide you and learn out of it?

Ideally, that’s how we grow. But how do we track this kind of self-education. The importance of tracking lies in the reflection we achieve out of it. Often, we find ourselves under-equipped, even though we may have known or worked upon some concept. What causes this dissonance? The fact that we learnt it, yet weren’t aware of it.This calls for tracking, all what we have learnt.

Here’s a game that you will play to learn. Consider the following points to track your own learning.

  • What is it that you stumbled upon at work today or yesterday and you felt that it is something new you came across?
  • What was that new learning?
  • How did it take you ahead?

You may not have time to note it down. As long as you remember and implement what you learnt, it should be fine, initially. As the crow flies, try blogging about it in this community. This would be a novel way to take a re-look at what you learnt. It will allow you to share whatever we have learnt so far and allow others to contribute to our collective understanding. Tell us your mantra to excel and share your learning plan.

Often our job may turn monotonous at some point of time. This creates the bottleneck with no new challenges and learning.  Here’s a learning plan for a static role:

  • Identify the different areas . No matter how entangled they are segragate the workflows. Suppose, recruitment and induction are combined with New hire integration as a single function. There can be several reasons to such a design, may be low manpower or lesser hiring . Understand these reasons, map the work flow.
  • When you start with this basic exercise, review the existing process and to what is being followed in the industry. Draw your own comparative charts and identify the areas for improvements.
  • It might be that you are not allowed to implement or even remotely suggest what you may find applicable. But remember this is your learning process. Irrespective of the fact , whether you get to implement it or not , you would get an immense amount of learning as you do this exercise.
  • Identify different practices and start learning more on them. Such as recruitment may be done differently in your organization. Identify why is it so. Go beyond your role and learn more about the work , the business model and the competencies required in the talent who would deliver that job. Document this learning and identify how you can suggest better utilization of talent through creating a funnel.
  • If you still don’t find any such scope, take up any area of your interest in HR and start learning more on it. You may select training and development or compensation. Read what is available about them in this community, frame your questions and connect with members to know more.
  • Check your understanding in terms of forming Policies and the statutory standards.
  • Please remember your learning is not limited to the current role but far beyond it. Target your self to excel in the industry as a whole. When you will start thinking on this line, you will realize how much you need to learn. Then no role or a job can limit you or be a point of distraction.
  • Finally , whichever learning area you select, keep blogging about your plan and progress just as you did this time. Let everyone contribute to your learning.

Lets take a step beyond these suggestions and offer some tools that might help you to learn from this community.

Guiding material – Few of the threads that guide you through CiteHR.

Daily Knowledge Updates – Here are few threads that are initiated and managed by learners who are helping others learn. You may choose to learn from them, or start your own.

Tell us what and how would you want to learn. We are listening and waiting to work on your words.

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