One-up on your Boss?

Do you want to take your Boss’s job? How many times did you ponder on that? Is that feeling a constant factor for you? Voila!  You are dot on the path of your progress! This feeling empowers you to visualize that you are better than your boss. Check Mate, pull yourself back and reverse the situation. Just for a second imagine you are already there and see, how would the one who will be reporting to you, perceive you?

A peak into a mirror to introspect such a situation:

“I have been working in a manufacturing company since last 1 year.  However, my increment is nil, all thanks to my Boss. My qualification is M.B.A. D.L.L. L.L.B( 2nd year pursuing). My boss had studied till Class 12th, with no experience in HR. He joined within six months from my date of joining. He lacks knowledge and understanding of HR, including basic concepts such as meaning of P.F. I handle and deliver on all the HR functions. To make matters worse, due to office politics, I was denied my increment. What should I do? Is hard work valued? Is the qualification not important? Why wasn’t I trained on how to make the most of Politics, as a part of my education? My teachers taught me to work hard, which I do, but what’s the significance of it? My boss earns three times more than me, and his increment is more than 35%? Tell me seniors, why and what is it that is going wrong with me? ”

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Situation at hand

  • The boss has been hired to manage the team. No matter how difficult it gets, this will remain static.
  • The boss is aware that the reportees have been working for the company for a longer period of time, hence are better informed about the systems.
  • The capability of the boss will require time to come up to the speed.
  • The pain of losing benefits and perks cut from the promised pay-off
  • Furthermore, the boss would take calls, which may not always be aligned to the current team.

Turn the problem on its nose

What would happen if the Boss had not come in to the picture at all? The job would have still been done. The scale of efficiency would widely vary, but the work would still go on. Hence focusing on what truly matters than the toxic behaviour by the new boss, which may majorly target, to affect the morale of   the higher skilled team, remains obvious.

Here, once we accept the obvious, we are left with choices that we can make for ourselves.

Lets take a leap of 20 years or even the last day of career. What will this job look like? What is that wisdom that would be then realized, that remains unknown now? At the other end of the tunnel, this sort of a misfit, might appear to be a part of the system. Sometimes it is designed to push us out of the job to a better one, eventually, mellow down to the winds of change.

Take helm

Few changes if at all to be made can be brought in-terms of working;

  • Let the boss do his job. Aim to support with your knowledge, without any expectation. The aim is not to be recognized or acknowledged but to collaborate. Takeaways would be defined in the due course of time.
  • Stay focused on what matters, in the role. Monetary rewards motivate, but need not remain, the only take away, from a job.  Your learning gained from the current role would be of great use later, if only, the learning comes a full circle. Aim for end-to-end responsibilities, right from delivering to realizing the factors, that affects decision making. This will prepare you, for the next role.
  • Next time, before you mourn for being more educated and hardworking, than others around you, just consider, how would your life be without it?

New experience calls for self-actualization. Whether we are governed by Darwinism, vouching for the survival of fittest or Collaboration, we agree to keep getting better everyday. So step- up to your game, not to rock the boat but steer it towards the safe shore.

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