Organizational Design

The concept of organizational design is as old as the organization itself, but surprisingly most of the people working in the organization and for the organization are not aware of the organizational design.

In simple words OD defines the philosophy of an organization. It not only deals with policy making, but includes all aspects of the organization. It is an organizational design that fosters or inhibits creativity and innovation in an organization.

A company with a good organizational design can easily achieve its target. All the processes and procedures of the company will be synchronized with the goal and objective of the company. The entire system from the top to bottom level will work towards the goal and will explore the available resources to achieve its goal.

A successful organizational design is a far cry without proper planning and management. Everyone involved in the company whether its the top management class or lowest working class all should be well-aware of the purpose of a company and anyone who is unaware of the organization’s goal will not play his or her part in the company’s progress with full enthusiasm and it could be detrimental in the long run.

In a good organization each and every person knows his duty and is responsible to play the part with full commitment. This is possible only when each individual is delegated the right job suiting his attitude and aptitude.  They are not given less or more than what they can do-optimal work distribution is the norm.

Good management is the most important aspect of organizational design. The success and efficiency of the management are largely decided by the team leader. It is the efficiency of the team leaders that lead the subordinates to give their best and play their part sincerely in achieving the target. A good TL always works in collaboration with other team member and brings unity among the team players. A good TL always motivates its subordinate to such an extent that they start putting the company’s interest over self- interest.

The success of a company is largely determined by its OD, OD decides whether the company will be able to chase its goal within limited time and resources or not. A company with good OD will design and plan a strategy that will help it achieve its goals without many difficulties. There are enough number of companies that are not exactly aware of the term OD, but their activities and procedures clearly indicate that they strive to become more productive and successful.

There are many ways in which companies can improve their organizational design, though none of the methods promise you overnight results but following a few points could help companies in achieving their organizational design. Consistent and sincere approach will surely bring significant changes in an organization.

The management functionalities should be managed by efficient people.  A person with team spirit and ability to unite people in the form of a team should be organizing people to meet the organization’s needs. Hire a person for the managerial post who has all the qualities of a good leader. A good team leader is well aware of its team member’s strength and weakness, and distributes the task depending on individual’s capabilities and helps them in playing their part successfully in the growth of an organization.

In an organization everyone should know his role and duty; this means everyone working in your establishment should know what they are working towards. It helps people in deciding their role and contribution in the company’s growth and success and motivates them to provide the best.

Communication is the key to success and so it’s true regarding OD as well. A good OD facilitates smooth communication among various departments. The flow of communication should be smooth and clear among seniors and subordinates.

Change is the nature of law and the same is true regarding organizations as well. To grow and learn an organization should develop a positive attitude towards change and should incorporate changes easily. Companies that are risk takers are considered to be the ones with the best organizational stability nowadays.

OD is not a Herculean task; just proper planning and management could make the task easier.

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