Multiple Goal Achieving

The purpose of any organization is to achieve its goals. Goal Setting is an extremely powerful technique for accomplishment and advancement. It provides organizations with a blueprint that determines a future plan of the organization and makes a path for its achievement.

Today we live in the highly competitive and fast moving world and to be ahead from your competitors it is important to achieve more than others. Organizations and professionals are setting multiple goals and strive to achieve more in less time. Achieving a multiple goals in limited time frame is not a difficult task, plan your strategy smartly, explore your mind power and achieve your goal. Target your main goal, set small objectives and move forward towards the goal with full confidence and determination.

It does not matter if you are working towards achieving one goal or multiple goals the concept of SMART will surely help you in reaching your destination.

  • S: Specific
  • M: Measurable
  • A: Attainable
  • R: Realistic
  • T: Timely

Specific: Be specific in your goals and increase the chance of your success. Ask six questions to yourself before setting any goal, it will help you in achieving the goal without much difficulty.

  • Who is involved?
  • What you will accomplish at the end?
  • Where you will carry out the procedure?
  • What are the constraints you could face?
  • Why you want to set specific goal?
  • When it will get completed?

Find the answers of these six questions first and then set your specific goal it will make your task a lot easier and goal achievable.

Measurable: It is very important to check your progress from time to time it helps in following a right track. Keep asking yourself how much you can achieve and how can you reach the goal, this will help in planning an executable and error-free plan.

Attainable: Set realistic goals and strive to achieve it in a set time limit. It is essential to have desired attitude, aptitude, resources and skills to achieve the particular goal. One can attain any goal they set when they plan the steps wisely and establish a time frame that allows them to carry out those steps.

Realistic: Set a goal that you are willing as well as able to achieve. Set high and realistic goals to keep yourself motivated and ahead. Setting an impossible goal will lead towards frustration and will cease the interest from your side.

Timely: Achieve your goal within the time frame and add value to it. For example If a person wants to reduce few pounds then he has to achieve it in a definite time frame, striving for a goal without setting any time limit makes the goal less achievable and attainable.

If you are working for a single goal or multiple goals, personal goals or professional goals, consider the above mentioned points first and then set your goal. Ultimately success will be yours.

Set big, audacious goals for your organization and support it with the traits to achieve it. To achieve your goals, plan smart strategy instead of working hard think strategically and achieve your goal without getting lost in the race.

To achieve multiple goals just remember few basic rules and make your goals achievable.

Discipline: self-discipline is a must to achieve any goal. It doesn’t matter if you set small goals or big ones unless and until people follow the path sincerely they will be unable to achieve the goal.

Commitment: Commitment does not always imply making a promise to a third person, commit to yourself that you will achieve this in a given period of time and try your best to keep your commitment.

Structure: To achieve an organizational goal it is important to systemize the business the way you want it to and achieve the goals.

Professionalism: To achieve the multiple goals in a given time frame it is highly important to follow a professional approach for achieving the goals.

Integrity: Today many people take it for granted, but honesty and integrity is the main key to achieve your goals successfully. It is especially vital for business and organizations as it affects brand name and reputation of the organization.

Excellence: strive for excellence; try to give your best. Learn from your past mistakes and keep growing it will surely help you in achieving any goal. Remember nothing is impossible unless you stop trying to achieve it.

Set your goals rationally, plan your path strategically and follow the path smartly and achieve your goal.

Stay ahead with the right strategy and achieve your goal successfully for a better future.

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