Way Bosses Have

Many a times, you are left wondering if you are in school or at work. Your strict, no-nonsense teacher is suddenly appearing as your boss.

The traffic, the delayed trains due to Rains or other genuine problems beyond your control are all contributing to you reporting really late to work. You are certain that your boss is waiting for you at your desk tapping his foot, the only prop missing here is the scale your teacher would always have in her right hand.

NK’s part of the work force who has had a teacher for a boss. He says, it wasn’t restricted to reporting on time alone and the boss would have these surprise “tests” when he would come and just glance over the monitor to see if NK was working or checking emails. Moreover, since his work station was at a strategic position, no one was allowed to ‘talk’ to each other. Even phone calls were in whispers.

The do-not-talk to anyone approach is a hit with many a school teacher boss. In some cases, the boss might insist on being part of the joke that had a few cracking up aloud. You can share the joke, but he misses the point if the joke was something to be shared, it would have been put on the notice bulletin, duh? Yet, in other cases, the teacher hates anyone disturbing the quiet of the class, sorry, office. Thus the minute you talk to your neighbor in the next chair, you hear a shhhh.

If we ever spoke to any colleague for any matter besides work, my boss would give us a cold stare followed by a get back to work rap. She would get down to asking what we were talking and why we had to waste time? In a typical classroom fashion, if we had to even go to the washroom, we had to ask for permission. Since it was his first job, he really thought this is how organizations functioned. All the time he kept thinking of school, more so since his boss wasn’t computer friendly which ended up getting papers checked by her.

While on the subject of teachers, one must mention the one kind who never allows the students to take sick leave. One boss was just that sort. She was an assortment of colored pills – red, purple, blue that works. If we ever went to her with a malady, she would pull out a bottle of colored pills, the sight of those pills would scare us so much we dreaded falling sick.

Speaking of leave, most of the bosses who belong to this category, generally find the concept of granting leave quite twisted. In their opinion, most personal work, including attending weddings/engagements and funerals should be restricted to weekends or if unavoidable on weekdays post working hours. Thus if you need to take leave, you need to have a detailed explanation ready to ask for the leave. Depending on how detailed your excuse is your chances of getting leave either brightens or gets dampened. A word of advice here kindly refrain from saying, ‘My cousin is getting married’, rest assured to an excuse like this your boss would say attend the wedding after office hours, it is not your wedding anyway.

For some of these teacher type bosses, a favorite word is ‘may’ “tell me about it”. Every task / chore they had to do, they had to ask their boss, May I…? There was no room for ‘I think this would be a good idea.’ It was all about ‘can’ and ‘may’ to get into his good books.

Thus while there is no escaping your teacher cum boss, you might as well take solace in the fact that if you write your papers well (read work hard) you might get good grades (real increment).

The above article is partly right but in the working environment the boss is duty bound for training and development of his team mates continuously. So the Team leader (boss) has to formally (through HR) and informally (through daily interaction) bound to develop his team mates.

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