Invest in such a Way that ‘Money’ Works for You

You can make money work for you, or you can let it work against you. You should be able to deal with money as with anything else in your mind, with the same purpose and elegance. Learn to earn, to save, and to give. If you can do that, you will learn to handle the financial pressure, and money will never again be a stimulus to putting you in a negative state that causes you to be unhappy or treat others around you in a less than resourceful way.

When you master the first three keys, you will begin to experience your life as hugely successful. If you can handle frustration, rejection, and financial pressure, there is no limit as to what you can do.

So you can do anything. And that’s where number four butts in. You must learn how to handle complacency. You’ve seen people in your life, or celebrities or athletes, who reach a level of success and then stop. They start to get comfortable, and they lose what got them there in the first place.

That which is achieved the most, still has the whole of its future yet to be achieved.

Comfort can be one of the most disastrous emotions a body could have. What happens when a person gets too comfortable? He stops growing, stops working, stops creating added value. You don’t want to get too comfortable. If you feel really comfortable, chances are you’ve stopped growing. He who’s not busy being born is busy dying. You are either climbing or you are sliding. When you are green you grow; when you ripen you rot. As long as you remain green, you grow. You can take any experience and make it an opportunity for growth or you can take it and make it an invitation to decay. You can see retirement as the beginning of a richer life, or you can see it as the end of your working life. You can see success as a springboard to greater things, or you can see it as a resting place. And if it is a resting place, chances are you will not keep if for long.

One kind of complacency comes from comparison. Take the case of Mr.U. He used to think he was doing well compared to people he knew. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make. May be it just means your friends are not doing very well. Learn to judge yourself by your goals instead of by what your peers seem to be doing. You can always find people to justify what you are doing.

Didn’t you do that as a kid? Didn’t you say, Mr J did this, why can’t I ? Your mother probably said, “Well I don’t care what Johnny does, and she was right. You should not care what Johnny or Mary or the Joneses do. Care about what you are capable of. Care about what you create and what you want to do. Work from a set of dynamic, evolving, enabling goals that will help you do what you want, not what someone else has done. There will always be someone who has more than you.  There will always be someone who has less. None of that matters. You need to judge yourself by your goals and nothing else.

Here is another way to avoid complacency. Stay away from coffee pot seminars. The sessions where everyone else’s work habits, sex life, financial status, and everything else becomes fair game. Coffee pot seminars are like suicide. They poison your brain before getting you to focus your attention on what other people are doing in their private lives instead of what you can be doing to enhance your experience of life. It is easy to get caught up in these seminars but just remember that people who do are merely trying to distract themselves from the boredom created by their inability to produce the results they desire in their own life.

The summary of this article is: invest wisely so that there are no chances of losing money. It means it should grow and add up. This is applicable to an individual as well as an organization. So happy earning.

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