Making the Working Environment Amicable

It is up to the individual to make the working environment around him congenial and all his colleagues to cooperate. The individual will be more successful with the above type of behavior.

Tough times need thorough actions. Well, what we suggest is not really tough, but it can definitely make your life easy at work. If your dream is to last long in your present organization and that too without much conflict, you need to befriend some VIPs. We tell you who they are:

You may think that what I suggest is next to impossible, but believe us it is not. All you need to do is keep your hard work, participate in the office activities and make sure you say hi when you see him passing by. At an informal meet, get talking and keep your conversation interesting. No irrational talk. You will soon realize that if you are friends with the super boss, colleagues will start viewing you differently. And no one can touch you, even with a barge pole.

A friend in the HR department means being in touch with the internal happenings of the company that are confidential, getting a head start on any company policy; getting warning signals if there’s to be any danger to your job and so on. Make at least one friend from this department and become Mr/Ms Know it all.

We do not need to tell you how helpful an assistant can be, especially one who can run errands in quick time. Befriend an office helper and see how smooth your work process becomes. A few polite words, and greeting him every morning as a sign of recognition as a friend and a couple of smiles every day can do wonders. But be ready to lend him/her an ear once in a while too.

Befriending a key person from the Accounts department: Want to get your dues cleared without delay? Get a friend in the accounts department. Your expenses vouchers, big or small, will at least slip in the priority tray even if they do not get a clearance as mentioned above.

A hot tea or a fresh snack can revive your spirits. And if there is some one to inform you about the hot delicacies, then nothing better. You should at least be friendly with one cafeteria helper so that you get to sample the goodies before others do or saves one for you if you are late to the canteen.

Make the work place humorous:

Does your organization look like it’s in a permanent state of mourning? If that is the case, then your firm needs to hike its fun quotient. A bit of humor at the workplace can help boost the employees’ morale and productivity. It also makes it easier for people to resolve conflicts, beat stress and cope up with challenges. So, given below are some reasons on why you need humor at work.

Firms that have a light hearted working environment are better places to work in. People feel unafraid to express their thoughts or ideas, which brings in vitality to the organization. Employees work with constant energy and motivation that produces better output for the firm.  Also results in an increase in productivity.

When people work in a vibrant office environment, they work with a lot of motivation. This happens as they work not only for a living but also because they derive a lot of joy from the job.

A fun filled atmosphere breaks the monotony of work. Boredom at work is one of the main reasons why people quit jobs. The high attrition rate adds to the organizational costs of hiring and training new people.

A pleasant atmosphere at work is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. It allows employees to think creatively, which can bring great results for a company.

Humor also helps reduce the day-to-day stress of office life. It helps people cope with frustrations, tiring schedules, irate clients, etc., resulting in reduction in stress.

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