Capturing the Youth Market

Increase the sales and earn higher revenue with the right marketing techniques. Companies are trying hard to capture youth market in order to earn more and secure strong positions among the potential customers. The group of youth market covers age range of 12 to 34 years. It is these age groups that actually make a product into a brand and has better earning capacities. Taming the youth market is not at all easy, they are totally different from their counterparts and it is really a big task for the manufacturers and business as to how to crack the wheel and hit the right button.

Today youth is vivacious and energetic, it took a lot of creativity and intelligence to connect with them and engage them towards a certain product or service even for a few minutes. Marketing experts are trying different formulas to capture the attention of the youth customers. In the countries like India where the population of youth is more and with better earning capacity it becomes one of the most desired group of customers for the brands and companies. Many leading brands willingly spend big share of their profit on advertising and researching the youth market. They are difficult to please and it takes a lot of effort to influence them in a desired way.
Essentially, the key to tapping into any target market is to understand what resonates with them, and what would make them move. This is specifically true for youth market as their attention spans are limited, and they tend to be heavily influenced by what their peer group considers to be popular.

It is important to know the wants and needs of the consumer class and cater their needs accordingly to serve them well it is important to know their buying behavior. Here market research and analysis plays a crucial role. It doesn’t matter whether you are a well-established brand or emerging one to cater to the requirement of the consumer it is a must to know their requirement and expectations, only then a manufacturer could produce a product that could somewhat meet a client’s expectation
Today the young generation is well-informed, gone are the days when they were seen and not heard now social media has emerged as a popular platform among the youth. They are using the platform not only to connect with their friend circle but it has emerged as a platform to learn and share as well. They are a step ahead from their predecessors and strongly believe in following communication and engagement. What else could be a better platform to communicate than a social media platform?

Big brands like Coca-Cola and Pizzahut are using the platform of social media to interact with their consumer group. The best part about social media marketing and advertising campaign is that it is not all about self-promotion, but here consumers also get the chance to speak out.

Some truths are always changing and the basic tendency of the youth to be accepted by the peer group and the longing for independence is one of them. The platform of social media gives them a chance to express their feelings and remain connected with their peer group.

Provide value-added service or some extra benefit to the customers. Youth especially students prefer free gifts, money saver packs and discounts. Combo offers are another very useful tool to capture the potential customer market.

To tap the youth market it is important to understand their world, their thinking and their demand only then a manufacturer could create a product that would successfully meet a youth customer’s expectation.

Today youth is smart and intelligent and one cannot deny the role of internet technology in making youth fast and intelligent. The growing popularity,
the trend of marketing and advertising has changed a lot. Earlier television and newspapers were only effective means to connect to the desired group of people and advertise.

Youth plays a crucial role in the success and failure of products. Hit the powerful youth market with the right tool and make your path easy.
At present all the malls and fast food centres serve to cater to all groups or all ages of customers. Therefore there is nothing like youth market being served separately.

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