Shorter Commercials are effective

Research has shown that shorter commercials are as effective as the longer ones when if comes to advertised products. Now it seems Indian companies are slowly waking up to these finding with the average duration of TV commercials coming down to 22.2 seconds in 2006.

An analysis by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, has shown that the duration of commercials has been steadily coming down from 2003. Last year’s average duration of 22.2 seconds is a record low.

Incidentally, it may have taken longer to read these paragraphs than to watch the new, zippy mini commercials playing out on TV. A concept that most marketers are experimenting with is one-second commercials like the McDonald’s ad with its “I’m loving it� catch line.

Starcom media specialist says consumers are bombarded with messages on a daily basis so they were looking for ways to use their ad medium that were fresh and of interest. Shorter lengths are the way so many things are being consumed today in an over communicated world.

However, there has been a clear rise in ads per se on television. The year 2006 witnessed an 86% rise in print media advertising on TV, compared to 2004, with several new publications entering the market. With 100 secondages in the year 2004, print media advertising on TV had dropped to 82 secondages in 2005.

The rise in the following year put paid to the poor show of the earlier year. Post 2004, there was a dip of 18% in print media advertising on TV. With new publications deciding to use TV as a medium for their advertising, the year 2006 showed a definite improvement.

The AdEx survey also noted that there was a 34% rise in sponsored advertising in 2006 compared to 2004. Coca Cola was the top brand in sponsored advertising.

Last year also saw a huge 88% share of commercial TV advertising whereas sponsored advertising had a 12% share on TV. Sponsored advertising is also on the rise with a 34% rise in 2006 compared to 2004. Coca Cola, Hutch, MDH masala, Streax Hair Color, Garnier Fructis and Nokia Corporation were the top advertisers.