Winning over Consumers

Multi-tasking begins at home. Consumer is impoverished of time: While wealth is increasing, time availability is decreasing in the same pro-portion. As time self is decreasing demand on time by others is increasing.

New opportunities

While these trends open up new opportunities for marketers, they also pose great challenges for them. As the consumer changes his/her life to accommodate the growing demands on time, so must marketers change their strategies to suit the demands of the new age consumer.

The customer demands that you the seller fit into his/her space and adjust to the customer lifestyle. For example, if a lady customer is only free on Sundays to do grocery shopping or get herself groomed, it is required of marketers to ensure that these services are delivered to the consumer on weekends. If you shut shop on Sunday, the marketer has obviously missed the bus.

This customer is impatient for results, impatient for services, because the system is impatient with her as well as with services. This customer demands end-to-end solutions. She wants a one-stop-shop as much as possible. This customer is yearning for handling over some aspects of her life, especially self-care needs.

She does not want mere products or services, but solutions. After a tiresome weekend, she is obviously not overburdening her mind even where luxuries are concerned. She would welcome any move by marketers to offer her solutions, rather than leave her unsatisfied with a basket of stuff to choose from.

Designs on you

These solutions need to be holistic. Marketers need to adopt a multi-pronged approach to solving customer problems in an effective manner.

Solutions, by design, have to be personalized. It begins with a deeper understanding of the person and fitting the solution to suit her lifestyle with a unique combination of services, products, lifestyle modification and taking charge of her problems by taking complete ownership.

The rules of the game

Similarly, if it is her child’s education, the marketer has to design a holistic development plan and not merely tutor the child for the narrowly defined goal of exams. Remember, she is totally strapped for time. Your solutions will have to help make the child self-sufficient and future ready.

If it is a holiday, you have to assess again the needs and sensibilities of various members in the family carefully before providing a well blended solution fitting the budget and the time.

If it is banking services, it cannot be merely services of providing security of money. He/She should be able to access her money conveniently. The solutions approach will have to transcend to financial management of his/her current and future needs guidance, advice, as well as one-stop-shop for her financial needs.

If it is planning for a wedding for a wedding, it cannot merely be organizing the event or identifying the match. The solutions approach demands that background checking, health check up and some way of future compatibility assessment will have to be woven in, along with the current event management product.