Mind your Language at Work

Here is a list of things you should avoid saying at work to save your job:

That’s not my job all right: If somebody comes to you with an issue, there’s probably a reason behind it. In this case it’s your responsibility to deal with the issue. Either way, use the situation to prove you’re a team player and a problem solver. Plus, it pays to earn some good office work appreciation because you never know when you may need help from other colleagues.

Yes okay, no problem (If you don’t really mean it): if you take on a task with a smile but have no intention of actually completing it, remember, you are going to earn a reputation as an unreliable person. If you know you can’t or won’t be able to complete the project, please be honest about it or your colleague may fall into trouble just because of you.

Your office is one place where you just can’t say anything to anybody. You need to think twice before you open your mouth, simply because there are chances of you damaging your work relationships or your own career. An off the cuff remark that you think went unnoticed, for instance, might be the first thing your boss remembers every time s/he thinks about you. Well if it’s really a secret, please keep it to yourself. Whether you know someone’s about to get fired or what your boss’ salary is, you’re surely going to get credit for spreading the news but then don’t expect those gossip loving colleagues to keep their mouth shut when it comes to divulging your secrets.

Listen it’s not my fault okay: When your boss comes to you with a problem, the last thing you want to do is to shift the blame to someone else. May be it isn’t your fault, but let us tell you that you’re not in a courtroom where there are people looking out for the culprit. All that matters is making sure the problem is solved and doesn’t happen again. You can deal with the real issue later, but you’ll just make yourself look worse if you spend more time finger pointing than problem solving.

In case you didn’t realize, everybody’s pretty busy these days. When your boss asks you to do something, you have no option but to complete the task. If your main concern is accomplishing the task on time, we suggest you explain the situation first. Mention how busy your schedule is but that you can accommodate the request if some other projects are rearranged. You will show that you take each assignment seriously and only want to turn in your best work.

All the above can arise from boredom at work. Then how to make things interesting is given below.

It is a well acknowledged fact that a monotonous repetition of same things leads to boredom; it’s true in the case of work life too. The responsibility to overcome such a situation at work lies with both, the organization and the individual. At an individual level, it is important that one continues to revisit one’s role periodically to identify any opportunities for making the job larger. Instances of business growth and organizational restructuring provide individuals with such monotony breaking opportunities.

From an organizational level, employees who have acquired the necessary skills to perform a particular role effectively and have demonstrated strong performance need to be moved to newer or different roles so that they can acquire new skills and then, develop themselves into well groomed professionals.

It is not always possible for the organization to offer higher roles for an employee; instead firms must try to make the maximum use of a person’s strengths to ensure benefit for the organization as well as for the individual. It is important for an employee to remain self motivated at work, especially at a difficult situation such as ongoing slowdown. To make work more interesting employees must keep themselves engaged by getting involved in activities.

It is the responsibility of the employee to take charge of his/her own development, as against the outdated or conventional approach of waiting for the organization to tell him / her to do something about it.

Some advice that you can consider to reignite your passion at the workplace: Build good relationships: Take time to meet up with your colleagues at work; it makes the office environment a warm place to be in, be constantly engaged: Learn new skills and focus on your work with a positive attitude and seek new challenges: When you find your tasks becoming monotonous, try to look for other challenging work and newer roles in the organization by seeking the help of superiors in finding it.

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  • Al though most people do not agree to my opinion, I believe life is not about competition. It is about surviving as a team. AT work place one is supposed to build good relationships with others. Regardless of what the position is each of are expected to play multiple roles at the work place. And we cannot neglect. On the other hand we get the opportunity to develop new skills and move ahead in the career.