Employment Prospects in Retail Markets

The great Indian retail story seems to reach no end. Every big international player is waiting for just the right opportunity to enter the Indian retail space, and the Indian public has been lapping up the attention.

Few weeks ago India’s largest private player, Reliance Industries announced their retail plans, the news caused market frenzy. Following this, when Bharti struck a mighty deal with Wal-Mart, marketers went overboard. The competition seems to thicken with every move.

The primary beneficiary of this retail tumult has been the common Indian. Not only does the populace have more shopping options, but also increased opportunities in terms of employment.

With the market slated to grow at more than 20% annually and touch 23 billion dollars by 2010, retail giants are leaving no stone unturned when it comes acquiring the top talent. This year, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) saw top retail biggies such as: Pantaloon, Reliance Retail, Pyramid, Shopper’s Stop, and Lifestyle vouching for the best talent. This proof is enough for job-seekers to realize that it is the right time to hit the hammer on the nail.

For tongue master:

If you are a fresh graduate with a mastery over your tongue, this could be the ideal job for you. Retail chains need a lot of front-end service providers who can interact with the customers and turn their window shopping to actual shopping.

The requirements here are minimal. You need to have a good command over language (Hindi and English), patience and a flair for sales.

What kind of growth opportunities exists for these customer-care associates (CRA)? A person who joins as a CRA can grow to the level of manager through our HR program. Baby Kangaroo Employees are assessed under this program and according to their level of performance are upgraded to Middle kangaroo and Senior Kangaroo.

Others like @home, a retail chain from the Nilkamal group, have several programs for CRA. Product Champion, Product Guru, Value of Sherpa, performances assessment and quarterly employee parties are some of the employee related activities. A GM of HR explains they concentrate more on customer care executives because of the high attrition rate in the industry,.

For The Qualified: MBAs, architects, engineers everyone has the space to park their wallets.

Retail Managers: People who hold professional degrees can directly look into job profiles like that of middle-level managers. Fresh MBAs in our organization are put on a six-month internship and then inducted into the organization. A post graduate course that specializes in retail management can also gain you an entry into the retail chain.

Store Managers: They are involved in over-seeing the day-to-day activities of the store. If you dream of running things your way, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. The responsibility of the smooth functioning of a store rests entirely in the hands of a store manager. Most organizations promote their CRA to the level of store managers. In our organization, we first look in promoting the promised CRA to the level of store managers, since they have started at the bottom and have a more understanding of the business than a fresh individual. Most store managers in our chains are those who have started as CRA in retail firms,

A major chunk of the professionals who are managing stores today, are those who have climbed from the bottom (those joined the chain as CRA). This in itself serves as an inspiration for those who are looking to enter the industry.

Visual merchandising: This domain is for those who are good at conceptualizing, strategizing design and can think out of the box. A course in designing can be a prefect launch pad for those with a creative edge.