Organizational commitment


One of the job attitudes is organizational commitment. It is defined as a state in which an employee identifies with a particular organization and its goals. This makes him to continue with the organization. High job involvement means identifying with high organizational commitment to the employer or organization.

There appears to be positive relationship between organizational commitment and job productivity, but the relationship is modest. The research evidence demonstrates negative relationships between organizational commitment and both absenteeism and turnover. Studies demonstrate that an individual’s level of organizational commitment is a better indicator of turnover. Organizational commitment is probably a better predictor because it is more global and enduring response to the organization as a whole than is job satisfaction. An employee may be dissatisfied with his or her particular job and consider it a temporary condition, yet not be dissatisfied with the organization as a whole. But when dissatisfaction spreads to the organization itself, individuals are more likely to consider resigning.

The unwritten loyalty contract that existed 30 years ago between the employees and employers has been seriously damaged; and the notion of an employee staying with a single organization for most of his or her career has become increasingly obsolete. Measures of employee-firm attachment of commitment on long term basis, are problematic for new employment relations. This suggests that organizational commitment is probably less important as a work related attitudes than it once was. Occupational commitment at present is more relevant variable as it reflects current workforce.

Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

A study examining the relationship of psychological climatic dimensions of autonomy, cohesion, trust, pressure, support, recognition, fairness, innovation with job satisfaction and organizational commitment clearly indicate the psychological climate towards better understanding of personnel reaction and functioning in an organization

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