Ad Creations HR Applications

From the ad you can break down any effective ad and find that it follows the precise framework. First it uses visual and auditory stimuli to put you in the state of intention the advertiser wants. Then it anchors your state to a product or action they wish to take.

If it is a good ad, it will use images and sounds that attract and affect all three major representational systems: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. TV is such a persuasive medium because it can make the best use of all three; it can give you pretty pictures, it can include catchy song or jingle, and it can provide a message with an emotional punch. Think of the most effective ads done for a soft drink like Coke or a beer or a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s. What they all have in common is a strong V-A-K mix that offers a hook for everyone.

There are some ads that are effective in producing the opposite image – they break the state in as sharply clear manner as possible. Think of antismoking ads. Those ads are most effective when they function as a pattern that interrupts i.e. when they destroy the aura of glamour someone else has tried to create around an unhealthy product.

Persuasion has to be developed as personal power that can put you in control so you can do the persuading, whether as a role model for your kids or as a powerful force at work. The people in power are the persuaders. The people without power simply act on the images and commands that are directed their way.

Power today is the ability to communicate and the ability to persuade. If you are a persuader with no legs, you will persuade someone to carry you. If you have no money, you will persuade someone to lend you some.  Persuasion may be the ultimate skill for creating change. After all, if you are a persuader who is alone in the world and does not want to be so you will find a friend or a lover. If you are a persuader with a good product to sell, you will find someone who will buy it. You can have an idea or a product that can change the world, but without the power to persuade, you have nothing. Communicating what you can offer is what life is all about. It is the most important skill you can develop.

Let me give you an example of how powerful this technology is and how much you can do once you master the techniques NLP offers. When an HR expert (H) created his first twelve day Neuro-Linguistic Professionals training, he decided to come up with an exercise that would really make people use what they had learned. H got everyone in the course together at eleven thirty at night and told them to give their keys, their cash, their credit cards, their wallets – everything but the clothes on their backs.

H told them he wanted to prove that to succeed they did not need have anything but their own personal power and persuasive abilities. H said that they had the skills to find and fill people’s needs, and they didn’t need money, status, a vehicle, or anything else the culture teaches us we need to make our lives the way we want them.

The first challenge was to find a way to get to Phoenix, about an hour away by car. H told them to take excellent care of themselves, to use their skills to arrive healthfully in Phoenix, find a nice place to stay, eat well, and use their persuasion skills in many other ways that seemed effective and empowering, both for themselves and for others.

A sick parrot was treated by using NLP skills to stimulate its nervous system by a woman successfully.

The skills we learn must be applied practically right from advertisement to other things in the organization to achieve success. HR training for HR specialists is intensive and takes care of all functional areas including ads. HR specialists then pass this on to necessary functional area managers. The Marketing manager may be trained in advertisement visual, auditory and kinesthetic including TV apart from marketing techniques. All the training apart from HR experts creativity will play an important role in attracting customers to the ad and finally to the product.