Contribution seen from an Excellent Manager

An excellent manager will have his creative mind working at all times. He or she will also have the skill to spot creative talent in his/her team members and will always provide encouragement to them.

An excellent manager identifies talents and resources in order to support and bring out the best in others. As a leader he or she should be able to evoke possibilities in others. Here are some qualities that a good manager should possess:

Every company will have certain structures and parameters outlined. A stellar manager knows how to work within these structures and will not let the structure impinge upon the process or the project. If you know the structure intimately, only then will you be able to guide others to work effectively.

Good managers need their intuition radars in well working order. People with keen insights are often able to sense what others are feeling and thinking; consequently they are able to respond perfectly to another through their deeper understanding.


A manager needs a very strong and stable knowledge base. It must be so ingrained and integrated into your being that you become transparent, focusing on the employees. An excellent manager lives from a knowledge base, without having to draw attention to it.

Employees value leaders who are human and who don’t hide behind their authority. The best leaders are those aren’t afraid to be themselves. Managers who respect and connect with others on a human level inspire great loyalty.

A manager is committed to the success of the project and that of all team members. He or she holds the vision for the collective team and moves the team closer to the goal.

A manager can’t afford to be rigid. Flexibility and versatility should be his or her core quality. In times, of a crisis, this is the quality that will help the ship from sinking.

A professional manager doesn’t just produce outstanding results; he or she has fun in the process. Lightness doesn’t impede results, but rather helps to move the team forward. Every team needs a healthy dash of humor in its day-to-day work life. Team members who enjoy working with each other will deliver excellent results.

Managers have to be the role models for their team members. Make sure that the rules that you set for your team are also followed by you. A manager who tries to forgo the rules formed by him or her soon loses respect.

Excellent managers see the big picture concurrent with managing the details. An excellent manager is skillful at gauging the big picture and will take small but sure steps to reach there.

An employee’s productivity is directly proportional to his / her job satisfaction levels and needs by his / her employer. If ever an employee feels that there is a need to ask for a raise, he /she can do so and convey the same in a professional manner. It’s wise for an employee to voice and share his / her reason for asking the same by citing logical explanations. In order to derive maximum benefit, one can highlight achievement with examples and also discuss ways through which your actions add value to the company. This shouldn’t be misconstrued by the HR in a negative manner. However, it’s not advisable if the employee decides to adopt this approach at the time of resigning in order to derive benefit out of it.

Typically most people feel that their intrinsic worth is greater than what is re-printed by their pay slip. This causes them to ask for raises. Additionally, the act of negotiating a raise assumes a certain level of emotional maturity and goodwill on the part of the employees and the manager. If it goes wrong then it can impede career growth within the organization for the individual. The person asking for a raise therefore, needs careful construction, preparation and delivery. Ultimately, it is a gamble that has unknown outcomes and unless there is a clear cause, it is best to let the temptation to negotiate for a raise pass.

It is appropriate for an employee to negotiate for pay rise with their respective managers. Today salary is an important aspect which enhances one’s motivational levels and productivity. Initiating talks with the manager helps strengthen the relationship and he/she would further provide support and guidance for a better pay hike and career thus paying off the hard efforts. Intimated with the employee’s discussion on pay rise the manager may also feel the need to pay slight perks or pay hikes to build a healthy and happy work atmosphere boosting encouragement for better standard of work from the employees.