Employee Lay Off

Industry experts believe that this situation can be viewed as a blessing in disguise at a time when news about employee lay offs is hitting headlines. Utilizing this tumultuous period as an opportunity to reassess one’s long term career goals will help to make the journey smooth.

Whether you call it lay off, downsizing or cost cutting, the entire process can be quite traumatic for the laid off employee. Although it is acceptable for him or her to experience different emotions, it is more important to move beyond the emotion and utilize the available time constructively to kick start the beginning of a new phase in one’s life; one that is optimistic and enriching because, even if it takes a little while one can still bounce back. Industry experts suggest utilizing this time to figure out your priorities while also being positive and goal oriented for you may never know when it turns out to be a golden opportunity in disguise.

For any employee nothing in life shakes him up as much as a sudden loss of job. One can equate the shock of being laid off, to that of losing a parent or a limb. A bank employee can fear losing his job each working hour. Some say that the unfortunate event of being laid off can turn out to be a golden opportunity in disguise. It is a chance to stop, catch your breath and figure out what you want to do with your life However in India, only a handful of the working population is blessed with the financial power to tide through this unexpected vacation and devote time and energy in self exploration.

View a pink slip as a temporary hiccup in your career. It’s a good time to get introspective by asking your self questions that will help influence your long term decisions like nature of job most suitable, location or place of working, ‘where do my strengths lie?’, ‘should I change my area of specialization?’  etc.

A layoff can also be viewed as an opportunity to explore other career avenues as well. This period offers you an opportunity to study research and explore new industries, markets job roles etc. Utilize this time for self evaluation fine tune your skills by enrolling for training and refresher courses, pursue temp jobs or freelance projects as you need to even look at earnings as well during this period. Reflecting on what one has – like good health, supportive spouse, parents or friends etc. compared to others helps creating the much required positive attitude. Always keep an updated resume handy that is accessible to friends and recruiters. Also, networking through social networks plays a big role towards fetching a job that suits your qualifications. Also a person must be a little flexible during such time about compensation structures as companies wouldn’t be able to offer you pay packages as per your expectations.

For a downsized employee, this tumultuous time can actually offer an array of career enhancing opportunities. All you need is an optimistic approach and a willingness to learn.

Prepare an updated resume and send it to organizations you believe would hire someone with your qualifications and work experience. Even if you get only one response, use that as an opportunity to explore.

Be well networked with colleagues, head hunters and executive search firms and do a regular follow up even though there are no immediate openings

Update your skills by investing in short term training courses. Try to get a mentor who could advice and guide you, during times of distress. Analyze your financial situation and prepare for hard days, in advance.

You can also utilize the time to enhance your qualifications along with a part time job or undertake part time job acquiring additional knowledge through the Internet. If you are called for PI, attend the same to assess what employers are demanding and if selected whether the nature of job will suit you.

Be in touch with friends working in other firms so as to know about vacancies coming up provided the job is of the same experience and to your liking.

Please be ready with your CV but prepare a covering letter as per the vacancy and company. For employers the advantage is that they can scoop the talent.

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