Thank you Steve

We are grateful we lived in the times, this visionary lived. Here’s a short video narrated by Richard Dreyfuss. A tribute to the geniuses and their creations.

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  • Sunil Vishwakarma

    I salute Steve Jobs . He will be great source of inspiration for millions of people. He will be remembered alongside brilliant minds like Einstein and Edison as one of the most incredible innovators of modern times. And he will also be remembered as one of the best CEOs in history.
    The world will miss HIM

  • Inder Jeet Singh

    I salut to Mr.Steve Jobs for his great contributions. He will be remebered by millions of people who are enjoying his inventions. we all will miss you…

    best regards,
    Inder Jeet Singh

  • K Uday Dinakar

    The World lost a Great Visionary. iSalute to HIM.
    My deep condolences to the family of Steve and also the team of Apple.

  • Alokpmir2

    we have lost a great  employer .



  • Priya Varandani

    steve, truly created a valuable life !

    best regards