News Papers and Magazines in PC

Information provides the edge to stay ahead in today’s fast paced world. But crunching through all the magazines and newspapers you subscribe to, can pose a problem — there’s not enough time to go through them at home, nor can you carry them with you, as they tend to be bulky. So why not get it delivered to your desktop? All you need is a computer or laptop with a decent internet connection and a news reader application. With this, you don’t need to visit individual websites to search for news. Nor do you need to install an RSS client on your computer to get news feeds from news websites.

New York Times reader: Ardent fans of the New York Times need not look beyond this program. Called Times reader and currently in a beta stage of development, the program is a very light 1MB package that can be downloaded from http://reader,

It synchronizes with the NY Times online, so the reader can see an exact replica of the paper on his computer screen. Once the synchronization is completed, you don’t require the internet to read the news.

The user can use the keyboard’s arrow keys to move through sections and articles – or, on a touch screen directly tap on a link. Any text can be highlighted and annotate using the ‘Notes’ tool. There’s a search tool and also a print and email option. Finally, the ‘News in photos’ tool will allow to view all the photos of the day.

NewzCrawler: This is one of the most popular feeds reader and blog client available on the web. Approximately 2 MB file from can be downloaded from The program comes with a list of pre-subscribed feeds from BBC, CNN, NY Times and more. The software has a simple layout. On the left there’s a list of various subscriptions. The right is divided into two halves — the top half displays individual news links from the paper, while the lower half displays the particular article.

Other news sites subscribed to can be added, provided it offers a feeds service. One can also publish writing straight to his blog using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, which supports most blogging services. Another neat feature is a configurable news ticker that displays headlines when the software is minimized. If a 24-hour broadband connection is available this website is practically the first and last place for all news requirements: it offers digital replicas of hundreds of newspapers from across the world — be it The East African from Kenya, Times of Oman, or TOI which is also accessible free through — all needed is an ID to access it.

There are various subscription plans — the free option gives access to a limited number of publications. The reader can look for news papers alphabetically or by their country of origin. Editions can be printed, dent by email and downloaded as PDF files. The website displays the newspaper exactly how it would look on paper. The paper also offers interactive radio and RSS feeds. Finally, there’s an offline browsing option using its downloadable Press Reader client that will synchronize the newspaper of user’s choice to his desktop.