Cases of Innovative selling

‘Vendee’ edible oil marketing:

Vendee edible oil marketing is a good example of non-store retailing through automatic vending machines.

Vendee has established over 250 outlets all over South India and Mumbai: 85 in Chennai, 55 in Bangalore, 20 in Trichy, 15 in Coimbatore, 15 in Madurai, 20 in Hyderabad and 50 in Mumbai.

The non-store retailing helps Vendee to save a good chunk of the retailing costs and it passes on a part of it to the consumer in the form of reduced price. Naturally, sales show a healthy growth.

Vendee sells four types of edible oils: Sunflower super refined, Anurag; Groundnut double refined, Daily; Groundnut super refined, Apurva; Blended vegetable oil, Anukul.

Vendee advertises the prices of all its brands and highlights the savings a consumer can make by buying the Vendee brands through Vendee vending machines. A sample ad is reproduced below.

“Vendee delivers the brand of your choice at the push of a button … Unadulterated and accurate to the last drop … Vendee machines are refilled once every three days with fresh oil straight from the factory … All this at prices lower than packed oil ….”

The ET Bazaar

In recent years, the Economic Times has been sponsoring and organizing the ET bazaars which are basically consumer fairs.

The first bazaar was organized in 1994 in Mumbai.

Manufacturers of many leading brands of consumer products participated in it.

The sellers were able to access thousands of consumers in an enclosed, carpeted area of over 100,000 sq ft.

Discounts, premiums and other promos were an integral part of the bazaar. In fact, ‘Good Prices, great prizes’ was the theme of the bazaar.

Prizes given at an hourly contests boosted consumer participation. Over 2 lakh consumers have visited the bazaar and sales worth Rs 10 crore have taken place.

The second ET Bazaar was organized in Mumbai and Ahmedabad by the close of 1995 for four days each.

ET and Mudra Diversified, the direct marketing and promotion arm of Mudra communications, jointly organized the fair. They gave extensive publicity to the fair through the local media. The response from consumers were overwhelming.

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