Independent Direct Selling outfits

Here, a third party — an external independent agency/service provider enters the picture as direct selling service provider. There are many manufacturing firms, who prefer to keep away from the marketing task.

They entrust their marketing task with a suitable outside marketing agency. Some among such firms are also particular that their products should be marketed by the direct selling method. In recent years, some help has become available to such firms in the form of independent direct-selling outfits. These outfits direct sell products of different companies to consumers.

Fresh Force:

The Bangalore-based Fresh Force is an example of an independent direct selling outfit. It has established a commercial, direct selling network, with a team of salespersons of its own and functions as a direct selling service provider to any company that wishes to sell its products through direct selling but is wary of establishing a direct selling system of its own. Fresh Force compensates its sales persons with commission, which increases geometrically as the sales goes up.

A tie-up with outfits like Fresh Force confers some advantages on the firms hiring their services. Without maintaining a direct selling system of their own, they are able to direct-sell their products. They also get the benefit of quicker sales and faster cash recovery, as they can instantly offload their products on the direct selling service provider. For the consumer too there is some benefit in this arrangement. She enjoys the convenience of shopping at home, getting several products from the same direct seller in this case.

Marketing by Vending Machines (Automatic Vending):

Retailing through vending machines also belongs to the category of channel-less marketing/non-store retailing techniques. It enables the principals to have the benefit of intensive and extensive retailing without any manned retail stores at all. This method also has been catching up of late in India, especially in urban centers and is bound to acquire increased importance in the coming years. Usually, products which belong to the ‘buy on impulse’ category like soft drinks, cigarettes, candy etc., and select articles of daily consumption such as milk, edible oils, etc., lend themselves to be marketed by this method.