Getting along well with Colleagues at the Workplace

Team and team work is something we have been hearing since a long time including Post graduation and into the job. It means every individual within the organization has to learn to deal with colleagues pleasantly and get the task completed or complete their own task seeking necessary information from team mates and colleagues. However, it requires tact to deal with each and every employee in the organization. The tact here is a way to deal with colleagues depending upon their nature. If one can understand them he or she can formulate a method to deal with the ‘colleagues’.

A lot has been written about the getting along factor and the forming need to be liked by colleagues after forming a way to each depending on their nature. At the workplace, likability determines most aspects of one’s personal life from getting business deals to promotions.

When someone is disliked at work, it spoils the work environment. For example, x, y, and z are in the same team. And z is disliked by x and y. They always give him a cold shoulder treatment and never interact with him beyond what is required. This makes z feel ill-at-ease and he performs poorly. x and y are also uncomfortable and are unable to discuss and speak things out in z’s presence. In this way the entire team suffers and a rift is created which ultimately makes the work suffer. This can be set right by the Team Leader by understanding what is happening. He or She can set right the relation problem by talking to team members, giving a separate but important task to a disliked team member or reshuffling the team.

About employees themselves: Some employees have around them a festive air which attracts others. Such employees are liked by many. The ability to infuse happiness at the workplace determines who could want to be around you. It’s the ability to create positivity in one’s surrounding and in getting work done with ease. It is difficult to work around people who put other team members in difficulty and little is accomplished if they are pulled up.

Aspects that result in positivity of an employee can start from the external appearance to ultimately being a genuinely nice person. Theories in English literature state that it’s easier to be an evil person, but, goodness requires effort on the part of every person. Some people are good and some are plain unbearable. It is largely to do with our immediate surroundings and upbringing. But one need not blame it on that alone. Making a genuine effort in knowing oneself and in changing for the better is important.

Physical appearance helps in judging instantly who you like and who you don’t. However, physical appearance alone has seldom met with success. Looks along with the right attitude has helped more. Being well dressed and having a pleasing personality are a must at any work place.  Sometimes the kind of attributes and features you are given is not so much in your control. But being well dressed is a thing that lies in your hands. An appropriately dressed employee puts forth his/her professional attitude and dedication towards the work. These employees also generally appear happy with life.

Another way to belong and to be liked is in sharing common interest or at least in being informed. This requires you to be well read, and also pursue hobbies if required. This, not only keeps you happy, but also makes you to have great conversations. Individuals are drawn to people who have similar experiences. This does not mean you try hard to do everything out there, but certainly being open to accepting any situation you are put into will allow you to grow as an individual. Sharing common insights, experiences and opinions increases ones likability factor.

There are many ways by which you can be liked by your colleagues. Here are some tips:

*Remember to compliment people on their achievements

*Always share the happiness or bad feelings with others.

*Never say something you do not mean. Flattery never takes you far

*Co-operate with others while working in  a team

*Always highlight any differences  politely

*Never let your integrity come in question

*Always be hardworking, serious and motivated

*Be open while communicating with others and always listen patiently when someone is speaking to you


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    Its a very Good & helpful article for creating team spirit in day to day working. Dr. C V Ambilwade

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    Though these are already known,it is worth remembering always and following them,

  • Hardyb2009

    These are very practical ways of enhancing togetherness, support and respect for each other within the workplace.

    I find that phrases/ words like team and teamwork are fast losing their meaning and becoming cliches

  • Saswati

    Dear Mr. Rama Rao,
    I read your posts regularly and find most of them very well articulated and useful.

     This particular article is very important for every individual. Getting along at workplace or maintaining a healthy personal relationship with people who matter depends on an individual’s level of Emotional and Social Intelligence. We give so much importance to High IQ that almost neglect the development of the EQ(Emotional Quotient) and SQ(Social Quotient) when children are young, receptive, and vulnerable. We talk to them about sharing and caring but make them feel miserable when they fail to get better marks than  colleague’s/Friend’s children. The only way we appreciate is when they excell in their individual performance be it in academics or co curricular activities. Seldom do we find parents feeling proud for their children taking part in a group activity or volunteering efforts or when they share their joy about a friend’s achievement. When we condition our children to focuss on individual performance always, it would not be easy for them to become good team players once they grow up and join their respective workplaces.

     It is very crucial for all of us develop our emotional intelligence by small steps you have rightly touched in your article and make people around us happy. Keep writing and inspiring people…….

  • Geniusin

    Its great to read about your article. But what should one do in a situation where your boss is against you since you have proven better management in certain areas. He even went to the extent of insulting in front of the colleagues as a result of which even colleagues have become indifferent and even critical information like meetings held at a time the said employee was on leave doesnt get shared or discussed after he/she is back. The only mistake this employee did was to outperform all of the previous years track records. That should not be treated so negatively isnt it? Also, wish to bring to your notice that the boss is hurt mainly because his closest confidante was the one who handled that in the last year and that person took 4 months to do a task which was accomplished by the said employee in 10 days. However, since the employee was new, he/she had no idea that 4 months was the previous turnaround and so when the management directly handed this task and gave a deadline, it was met, albeit a lot of trouble and constraints. All through the 10 days, no support whatsoever was given by the boss and infact made things very difficult by withholding information and not cooperating. Also, the other employees were told not to cooperate. It is now found that such an activity is a  hindrance to the growth of the organisation and moreover, the said employee is no longer as enthusiastic as before. 

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