Advertisement in India

The trend of the business and economy has changed a lot in the last few decades. The role of media and advertising has played a crucial role in the trend of advertising. The trend of media and advertising has undergone a radical change since 1950. The Indian advertising world has advanced a lot since the foundation of the first official media agency in 1950 by JW Thompson  & DJ Keeymer.

The Advertising Company of India has made a benchmark in the field of creativity. The advertising agency offers a wide array of integrated PR services for external and internal communications. The primary strength of the advertising company lies in the media relations.

There are various advertising service providers of international repute. These agencies are known for the creativity, novelty and experiments. To achieve big you have to think different. Promote your products and services smartly with novel ideas and get heard by millions.

The role of advertising is not limited to promotional campaign alone but now advertising agencies are playing a crucial role in planning the company’s objectives. The role of media agency is not restricted to chalk out a promotional plan, but they offer extra services to the clients and helping them to remain ahead of their competitors. The new service includes research and study of market, sales promotion and merchandising activities and public relation oriented services. With the passage of time and evolution of several novel methods of advertising the sophisticated and mild advertising has been replaced by aggressive and IT supported advertising.

Now advertising is no longer restricted to print media or radio ad but latest trend is about internet marketing and social media. The scenario of the Indian advertising world is also going through these changes and several marketing agencies are coming forward with the latest ideas and concepts.

Ever since media become mass media the role and emphasis of media has increased many folds. It is rightly said by Chuck Blore “Advertising is the art of arresting the human intelligence just long enough to get money from it.”

The growth of the Indian advertising industry is tremendous. These advertising agencies are following various approaches to satisfy the clients. The role of media agency has expanded a lot they just did not consider themselves as an agency providing service but they consider themselves as partners and offer the best. The advertising agency put extra effort to understand the market and customers.

Leading Indian advertising agencies like Mudra communication, JWT preferred to be treated as “Partners”, and always suggest cost-effective and result oriented strategies to the clients.

The studies show that the Indian economy withstood the storm of the global slump, and grew at 6-7% in 2009. However, the advertising market was down at that time and grew only at 1% during the year.

With the increasing competition in the corporate world the need of powerful media and adverting are felt by industries. Industries are spending millions of dollars to win the approval of their desired customer group. A right media and marketing strategy could bring any business in mainstream. No matter how competitive the market is or how powerful your competitors are, right advertising is the one of the most effective tools to remain ahead in the competition.

The concept of advertising boutique is gaining recognition in the Indian advertising world. Creative boutiques like Alok Nanda communications and Vyas.G.creative etc. These boutiques provide all kinds of creative services that a business could need to establish and promote their business.

With the increasing trend of internet marketing and social media marketing, domestic companies are now also hiring social media experts to connect with a larger number of people.

The Indian advertising world has earned a special place in the global corporate world due to its creativity and innovative ideas. Hire an advertising agency smartly and secure the future of your business.

Advertising agency or Media agency have experts in the field of advertising. The client has to be transparent and give all the details about the product to be advertised and merits and demerits of the product with regards to competitors. Advertising or Media agencies should be able to cover all forms of ads namely print, electronic, social, radio, Internet etc. Ad agencies are also rendering various services to the client including services for an election campaign.