Role of a Manager

A plant with a weak root will never turn into a strong tree same is true about business and organizations. An organization that lacks a good manager fails in achieving its goals and dreams. A good manager is like a foundation stone of an organization. Only a well-grounded organization could flourish in a growing and successful organization. The main role of a manager in any organization is to fully channelize the available resources and achieve maximum benefit. The role of a manager in an organization is very deep-rooted. Each and every aspect of a business or office is affected by the manager in one way or another.

Manager works as a bridge. He communicates organization’s objective and mission to the employees. He ensures that the right information reach the right person at the right time avoiding any kind of misinterpretation.

Role of a manager in an organization:

  • Strategy making – The manager plays a crucial role in setting and achieving organization’s strategy and objectives. He works along with his team to develop and plan a strategy and set the development plan of the organization.
  • Organization: manager keep the organization organized he takes the necessary steps for timely implementation of policies. Setting schedules, following a time plan, make work easier and goals achievable.
  • Setting priority: The manager establishes priorities for projects and tasks and makes decisions required when they have to change.
  • Delegating responsibility: one of the biggest responsibilities of the manger is to select the right candidate for the right task and ensure successful completion of the task. it is very crucial for the growth and future of the organization. A very important duty is to delegate responsibility and accountability.
  • Job assignment: assigning and dividing tasks among the employee for the better output.
  • Solutions: one of the most desired traits in the manger is his problem solving attitude. An expert manager knows how to solve unexpected problems, lend expert advice and direct a team in the right direction for a better solution
  • Enable: a good manger takes good care of people’s need and ensures that employees get what they want in order to complete their job successfully. This includes equipment, training, assistance, coordination, and time.
  • Communicator: one of the most vital roles played by the manger in an organization is the role of the communicator. Manger communicates organization’s vision and mission to the employee. He just not only share information required for completion of the task but also provides complete view and mission of the organization. The manager’s job is to make sure that people know what is going on and how they are effected.
  • Policy making: a manager plays a vital role in deciding and setting the policy. The manager represents the company’s policy within and outside the organization. He not only communicates the organization’s policy to the employees but to the stockholders as well.
  • Relationship: building and nourishing a relationship is a major aspect of a manager’s job. It is the duty of the manger to establish a positive relationship both inside and outside the company. He works as a bridge within the organization between the authorities and the employees.
  • Environment – The manager establishes and expands working relationship principles by creating a congenial environment where employees can give their best and can count on each other. It is the manager’s job to train employees to know what one can expect from another and how to work with a team and support team culture. Setting objectives and letting people know about the goal and objectives of the organization.
  • Setting objectives: Setting goals and objectives for the company is one of the major tasks performed by the manager. The manager establishes performance goals and objectives for the organization and people. Appraising performance of the employee and providing feedback. This formal assessment of the employee by manager helps in determining the employee’s position in the company.
  • Mentor: A good manager is a real mentor. He advises employees and helps them in giving their best and achieving personal professional goals and organizational goals.  The manager can be a valued advisor in career planning.

Though there are various factors that decide the success of any organization but one cannot deny the role and importance of a manger in making an organization successful. Managers are an integral part of the organization and the future and growth of the organization is largely decided by the vision and mission of the manager.

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