Certain Habits to be Avoided at the Work Place

A list of the common habitual workplace offenses shows how even the most amiable worker can be driven into becoming an office tyrant.
First on the list is complaining for everything. People who keep on complaining have every chance they get to keep their colleagues from taking them seriously.
Low hygiene: These are the people who, when departing a toilet cubicle leave an intolerable mess. They don’t clean up a meeting room when they finish and they are in one word, filthy.
Poor email etiquette takes another place in their bad work habits. This includes the habit of unnecessarily scream in capital letters, and using words like ur and gr8 and send endless emails instead of using the phone, who disregard apostrophes and incorrectly spell words.
Next on the list is office gossip. If a rumour doesn’t exist, one will be created to aid the private belittling of a colleague.
Then there are those who waste time. These people are either incredibly efficient or very good at doing nothing, and they will come to your cubicle for a chat, a futile chat that lingers longer than it is comfortable.
People who do not consider their time to be more precious than yours and yet that’s the implication of their constant tardiness come on the list.
Next on the list are bad jokes. It’s inappropriate not just because it’s politically incorrect in an overly sensitive world, but also because it’s just not funny.
Constant employer slandering doesn’t earn brownie points either. Most often committed by employees who have mentally resigned but still physically come to work is an unremitting verbal attack on the company, and after a point, loses charm with the hard workers.
Also on the annoying list are people who think your business is their business and are never afraid to ask personal questions. They have to know everything and must know it immediately.
Internet addiction also makes it to the list. The temptation to go online and check up on the things ever so often is very overwhelming, and workaholic colleagues who believe that we come to work only and their blood pressure rises every time they glance over and see a peer browsing the net.
Office meetings, next on the list of bad self conduct. Very few employees seem interested in office meetings, while for others meetings are a real time waster. But the fact is meetings are very important and they can actually make or break your career. Here is a list of things that you should avoid doing in an office meeting if you really love your job.
Take over the conversation: When a meeting is on, make sure you let the senior figures contribute first. Let them finish and then you can share your ideas. But don’t try and control or take over the meeting. Most importantly, never interrupt while someone is talking. And talk only if you have an idea to share or when you’ve been asked to talk.
Make your statements sound like questions: Phrasing your statements in a question format invites others to say no, argue or take credit for your ideas. So, make sure you don’t always speak in declarative sentences such as “Let’s do more research on that or what we should do is…”
Very carefully listen to what people say in a meeting. That will help you understand how open they are to your ideas. You also need to make sure your message is relevant to your audience. So, be clear and precise in whatever you say.
Unfortunately, for some employees, meetings are a battleground. If you become the victim of a put-down or accusation, calmly defend yourself instead of feeling scared.
Chewing gum: This is the most annoying thing one can ever do during a meeting and it shows how much you respect your boss and your co-workers. It truly creates a bad impression. Chewing like a cow in a meeting is annoying and very unprofessional.
Keep your cell phone off: Always turn off your cell phone during a meeting. A ringing phone interrupts the presenter and distracts the audience. And whatever you do, never take a call in middle of the meeting.
Please don’t hijack the agenda. Stay focused on what you, your boss and your co-workers are trying to accomplish. First finish discussing the current topic and then jump to another one. That too only if everyone present at the meeting is fine with it.
Missing is the worst thing to do. You never know if your super boss decides to turn up for it. Your absence will definitely be taken seriously then. After all, in the end, meetings are not just about productivity they are also about projecting a positive image and building professional relationships.
Meetings may be mostly of two kinds. One is a departmental meeting called by the departmental head. Either he may announce a working strategy on a particular project assigned to the department or he may want to review the progress on various tasks of different staff members within the department. In case of the latter the departmental head might have announced the agenda in advance and it is expected that all the concerned in the department are ready with their working progress and expect completion time of the tasks assigned to them. The departmental review may be weekly or monthly.
The second category of meeting is called by a CEO or V.P and departmental or functional heads are called for this meeting. This type of meeting may be called for once in a quarter or even monthly. The agenda may be mostly for deciding a consensus on strategy, cost cutting, market scenario etc., where the functional or operational heads may have to contribute their expertise. The meeting may be one (top boss) to one (head) or one to required heads.

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