Increasing Productivity at Work Place through Entertainment

Work in offices in business or industry is becoming tedious, longer and monotonous. As a result an average employee tries job hopping and talented ones analyses his or her position in the organization and decides to join some better place or remain where he is.

Many companies nowadays have started relaxation games like cricket, golf etc., to do just that and have initiated corporate games for their employees to mix fun with work. With the first introduction of the games dating back to three decades, corporates are doing everything in their power to satisfy the needs of their employees professionally and socially

A meaningful adage called ‘all work and no play make xyz a dull boy’, suggests everyone does enjoy their little Sunday game of golf or cricket after a hectic working week. Now, if the fun of cricket or golf or billiards is added to this element of work then it can be fun and adds to work productivity.

Apart from the obvious fun element, games help develop unity and team spirit within employees which is critical for the success of any company. It brings in a new spirit of determination within the players. Team building exercises and activities also generate employee motivation and bring about effective communication between people    from all levels in a company. It keeps the people active and is a good break from boring work routines.  Such events also mean regular interaction of all the staff members during training and practice sessions. Arranging corporates games recognises the hidden talents of people besides keeping the atmosphere in offices lively and lively. Higher management of a corporate group organizes annual cricket matches for its employees, bringing everyone together from the numerous branches of its company. They try to mix up departments and branches during the matches just to evoke a better sense of co-operation and compel them to learn to get along with people they might not be too familiar with.

Until a few years back employees maintained very formal relations with their seniors and bosses. The trends have now changed, thanks to the people who organize such events for the companies. Many companies conduct these events through their employee recreation club. Companies believe that conducting such events would strengthen the informal bond, as well as help create a fun environment around.

The reasons behind organizing such events are to enhance relations within a company. For the smooth functioning of an organization, employee satisfaction is the key. Increased productivity can be achieved only through team spirit and co-operation. Corporate games enable these and create a stress free and friendly atmosphere at work. It is an excellent platform for people to indulge in their liking and passion. It changes one’s mind from the stress at work, to a totally new direction. Exciting games and  competitions  such as puzzles, quizzes, and such others bring about excitement and variety and automatically causes  the employees to mix with one another and work towards a unified goals. It engages the employees and strengthens bonds within an organization.

Health and fitness is also one aspect which cannot be neglected, companies encourage participation in corporate sports and activities among the employees. Some companies maintain an active calendar of sports initiatives round the year ranging from football and hockey, to volley ball, basketball, and table tennis and even cricket. Besides, that they also encourage their associates to participate in intra-corporate sports competitions.

Firms choose not to keep out the families either. Annual retreats and day long outings are common upshots for many a company. Team building invigoration and a the need to instil a sense of belongingness being the ultimate aim, company heads work hard to  achieve all these whether it be through event management  companies or through their very own HR departments.

Corporate games and sports have brought about a change in the clichéd employees boss relationship today. It improves the employees’ overall performance and shoots up his /her morale and confidence. So if you find the work boring and monotonous, it is time to get involved in some entertainment and fun.

Entertainment, fun or easy going environment does not mean ‘No work’. It is after the work systematically done and he or she is expected to increase the productivity after the enjoyment. Company has to bear all the costs of fun and infrastructure. There are even some companies participating in inter-corporate competitions and leagues.

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