Cleanliness at Work Place increases Performance

Maintaining cleanliness at workplace not only increases performance but can also reduce costs.

Increasing business value is the most challenging and competitive area of management today. Both in the customer oriented and service-centric processes, there is high demand to control overheads, cut costs and add value. Most organizations control expenses by substituting cleaning solutions with off-the-shelf products or by reducing cleaning frequency and staff.

Many studies have gone to show that poor or reduced cleaning practice has an adverse impact on business.

Poor cleaning à Poor Performance of the staff à Poor Productivity à Poor quality of output à Poor earnings for the company à  Poor asset value

Leading MNCs and big business houses are taking that extra initiative to ensure their workplace is kept clean using standard cleaning methods and engaging the right service provider. They have today taken their businesses to newer heights by walking on the clean road to success and is an investment in sustainable business practices, promoting healthy workplace, ambience and increasing long term profitability.

There is a need to understand the cleaning performance of products and to watch it with the cleaning needs of a premise. When cleaning practices are implemented without understanding the process and performance of the products & services, cleaning becomes an expense. Adopting standard cleaning practices of a particular sector or industry will result in better performance.

Every year various cleaning companies are churning out better equipment, tools, chemicals and service providers are experimenting with standard practices to acquire the best cleaning results by using the products judiciously.

New vacuum cleaners of various makes have now been made eco-friendly which produce less noise and use less energy. Limited operating time of battery driven equipment has been a challenge for many service providers when it comes to cleaning larger premises. Innovative equipment with multiple recharging battery facility can bring about a revolution in achieving cleaning standards and saving on cleaning time.

In comparison between direct costs involved in scrubbing manually and mechanical scrubbing methods, if a company is spending as little as 10 hours per week behind scrubber and drier for cleaning even a small walk then it can show savings and also meet the growing health and safety standards. As solar power is an eco-friendly solution for lighting the cleaning industry and so it has introduced equipment powered with UV light.

If right methods are essential for profitable cleaning, so are professional service providers who are trained in mechanised cleaning and providing right solutions to achieve international cleaning standards.

India is one of the countries showing stability in economic and industrial growth while many countries have been breaking down under the pressure of uncertainty in the global economic scenario. The country has been making faster strides to achieve the expected GDP growth while it is yet to score very high in the area of cleanliness and hygiene standards. It is agreed that there has been a steady rise in the overall awareness about international cleanliness standards, but there is a lot more to be understood and implemented.

The initial awareness for professional cleaning practices a decade ago have taken shape from the requirements of Industrial and Corporate sectors. The cleaning and maintenance functions were outsourced to professional service providers with technical knowledge and expertise in sector specific cleaning needs. The increase in activities of infrastructure & construction and retail business necessitated the use of high end cleaning equipment and outsourced facility management functions. The growth of hospitality and healthcare sectors also has had a positive impact on the cleaning industry. Even the healthcare sector, government departments, and educational institutions have woken up to the need to implement mechanized cleaning and cleaning solutions. Many municipal corporations across India are looking at adopting mechanized road sweeping and waste management solutions.

The Indian cleaning industry growth has been at the rate of 30-40% over the years. India has over 3000 services providers, a number of manufacturers / importers of cleaning equipment and manufacturers of cleaning chemicals and providers of products /systems for washroom hygiene, laundry, pest management and waste management.

The rise in demand for advanced cleaning technology has facilitated international manufacturers, suppliers and service providers to get into joint ventures  with domestic players. The Indian cleaning Industry provides employment to over 1.5 million cleaning workers whose contribution needs to be understood both by the society and the government.

Cleaning is no more brooms and mops. Nor is it just plain water and detergent. Cleaning has evolved around the world as a science. It is all about saving tome, cost and getting the optimum standards of cleanliness to suit the requirements of various industries. So you have walk behind /ride-on sweepers, scrubber driers, vacuum cleaners, high pressure jet cleaners, spray extractors, multi-purpose trolleys, car washing system, industrial cleaning system, escalator cleaning machine and window cleaning equipment.

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