Responsibilities and Passions

A Junior Executive or a management trainee with a major FMCG company or machine tool manufacturer spends his days going into sales figures and distributor details or number of units of a machine or tools manufactured in his unit and actions to be taken the next day depending upon the responsibilities assigned to him. Every night, however he comes out with his passion for Art painting onto a canvas. He has been exhibiting his paintings and art in a group art exhibition as well. After doing MBA a corporate job was the next logical step for him until there is a family business. Family business is rare and it is possible if the individual belongs to an industrialist’s family or business family.

The MBA employee in addition to his job does not want to let go of his passion of painting. Pursuing a full time career as an artist was not feasible, so this was the next best thing.

Same is the case with RS, a software engineer at an IT firm, who is pursuing an alternate career as a college lecturer as well. She always wanted to be a teacher but then circumstances forced her to do engineering. In compliance with her passion she took up a job as a visiting faculty at a college to teach computer engineering. Now she teaches over the weekends and goes through students’ assignments every night.

These are not isolated cases in the corporate world. Multi-roles or Multi-tasking has been taken to a new professional high as the age of multi-professionals has arrived. Increasingly working individuals are seeking to pursue multiple professions simultaneously and they are doing exceedingly well at both. One is usually the profession at the office of a corporate sector while the other one is a passion. The job ensures that there is enough bank balance to run the house. The individual passion and pursuing the same gives ample satisfaction to the individual. It is a happy state of affairs.

Many professionals successfully balance the two different aspects of their lives successfully for years, before taking up the one they like.

Let me take an example of Mr. X, who for almost thirty years balanced work life as a writer and a finance professional at a bank. Today, he has given up his corporate job and is concentrating full time on writing. In fact his first book is likely to hit the shelves at book shops shortly. He expresses his happiness that he continued writing all through his professional life. A passion once lost is very hard to start back.

Multiple careers also mean multiple sources of income. The alternate career can be fairly lucrative as well, supplementing your job income. It is an added bonus to the monthly salary. However the lady mentioned earlier could continue teaching as the hours are flexible and the college was most accommodative.

Pursuing an alternate career adds dimensions to your personality. It helps you to develop in a new direction and shows you a world beyond office. Every employer wants employees who come in with interesting ideas, new perspectives and are constantly growing.

One Mr. Y, had a passion for sailing and this let him meet new people and see the world in newer ways. Further, sailing taught him immensely valuable lessons – such as endurance which helped him rise at the workplace. Making your passion into an alternate career can prove to be an excellent stress buster.

An employee had a passion for painting and he said, that after a long day at work the one hour he spent at painting completely calmed him down and provided relaxation. Tasks no longer seemed over whelming and he is able to get solutions to his work related problems. He believes it helps him perform better at his corporate job.

The challenge lies in being able to effectively manage your day, so that you can make time for both careers. A major stumbling block is when professionals are not able to do justice to both careers which results in sub-standard performers in both.

The passion working at a specific schedule is what works in action as well. Mentally blocking out an hour every day for passion. Schedule it at the same time every day, out of the way of your other commitments. If you are truly passionate about any particular activity, you will always find time for it.