Type of Employees

The strength of the organization is largely decided by the employees. A good employee contributes towards the success of an organization and plays it parts sincerely in achieving the vision and the mission of the organization. Organizations mostly hire employees depending on their requirements which keeps changing from time to time. Sometimes they manage a full-time big staff whereas sometimes organization’s hire part time employees. Some may be full time employees while others may offer their service for a limited period of time they are referred to as part time employees.

It doesn’t matter whether the employer hires full time or part time employees but the type of employees hired is very crucial for the growth of the organization. There are certain kind of employees that every organization loves to have whereas there are some kind of employees that an organization loves to keep at a distance. It is the task of the recruiter to hire an employee that will prove to be an asset for the organization instead of a burden for the organization.

Whether you are an employee or an employer it is important to know what type of employees are in demand and chose the right candidates for the organization. Mostly employers look for the individual who have the capacity to draw a plan and execute it. In one word the demand for strategists is always high in organizations. Implement strategies in your current job and achieve the goal following the set strategy. It will help you in learning the intricacies of strategy building and will teach how to design sound strategy.

Organizations are looking for leaders, employees who have the ability to sail the boat during tough times and keep the team motivated are real assets to the organization. Candidates with leadership skills is highly preferred by the employer. Learn to take initiative and learn to lead people. One can develop the quality of leadership from school and college days. The more you work on your skill the better you perform in your organization. A good leader never compels the people but motivates the team members to give their best.

Nothing can beat the creative mind; people with a creative streak can make their position in any organization. A creative person can help a company in achieving the goal and reach the target audience in the most wonderful way. Sharpen your ability and learn to think differently. Show creative approach in different areas of personal and professional life and enhance your creative skills. This will surely help you in giving your best in the professional sphere as well.

Problems are everywhere but only a real player knows how to tackle the problem and find the solution. A person with clear ideas and view can find solution to any kind of problem. Organizations are in need of such expert professionals. So if you have the ability to maintain your calm during times of crisis and find the solution when everything seems dabbed in darkness then you are going to be a precious asset to your organization.

Filtering the right candidate from a number of candidates scrutinized through a CV is not an easy task for the employer. It is easy to create trouble or avoid the tough situation only a person with sound belief and good confidence can give best even in hard times.

Management faces difficulty in dealing with the people who are involved in double talking, finger pointing and change resisters. An employee with co-operative attitude and balanced outlook will always benefit the organization. The quality that matters most in every employee is his/her dedication to the work and commitment level no matter whether you have joined any organization as a regular staff, part time staff it is the dedication of the employee that makes their worth felt in an organization.

We are talking of employee dedication to the organization for its success. The employer also has some responsibilities towards employees. Now here we talk of welfare measures towards employees. Employees include both male and female genders. All professional companies in India have provided a good measure of welfare measures provided for the employees. Where female employees are working the company (employer) has to first of all provide a ‘creche’. Other welfare measures are Recreation club, cricket, football and Hockey ground/s. All these have to be manned by an expert and employees must derive proper benefits.

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