Time and Task Management Technique

Either you run a big business or are trying to give a good platform to your budding enterprise. Managing time and task is one of the most critical parts for entrepreneurs, trying to manage all the tasks and meetings and all the deadlines is hard to follow. The never ending workforce and tight deadlines make the life really tough for the managers. The work pressure is forcing professionals to invest time and energy in a task more than they can afford as a result soon work pressure starts showing its negative effects and starts destroying your health, personality, social and personal life. Before you start paying for your work take some strong steps to manage the work pressure and time line and make the work manageable. Learn to manage your Monday blues and midweek crisis, learn task management skill and finish the task in the given timeline.

The value of time and task management is getting crucial in today’s highly competitive world. To manage the pressure of time and task line one has to follow a certain strategy:

  • Defining their priorities and goals
  • Drawing boundaries around their work
  • Doing only those things which are consistent with their priorities
  • Enlisting the support of others to help them achieve their goals

One of the best techniques for achieving balance in time and task is to follow the 6 questions approach; this strategy will help in keeping the tab under control

Who? – Related to persons involved in task fulfillment or help for its realization

What? – related to concrete activities and content.

Where? – Related to the place for fulfilling the task, or the place of a single task in the learning plan

When? – Related to time for fulfilling the task.

Why? – Related to the aim of the task.

How? – related to the methodology: necessary consecutive and consistent steps for fulfilling the task.

Mostly employees complain that they fail in meeting the given deadline as a result the pile of pending wok never comes to an end. Learning task management is not only useful for the professional life, but it can help you in managing your personal life as well. People often get lost in their professional life and responsibility that they hardly pay attention to their family and social life.

Though the tussle of war between task and time is never ending but the situation becomes more critical when new changes are introduced in the organization and members are asked to follow the latest pattern. It seems tough to manage the task but little a bit of planning could make your professional and personal life a lot easier.

Identify the most important task and set your priority: divide your projects in three sections, top most priority, middle level and bottom level. Divide your time in three categories and start your day with top priory projects. This will definitely help you in completing the important task on time.

Make a to-do list. As soon as you reach the office check your paper and mail and make your things to do list. This way you will not have any important task left for the end of the day and you will be able to evaluate your schedule.

Use of personal organizers and online tracking tool is also helpful in managing time and task management. Learn to use tools that can help you in time saving. Better planning and smart use of time management software will help you in keeping the balance between the task and time.

Either you work for a software firm, textile or any kind of business delivering work on the due date is very crucial and today when a person is supposed to carry so many responsibilities it becomes a really tough task to keep all the responsibilities on track. Plan your work strategy smartly and stay ahead.

All said and done, it is possible that one can achieve his or her task. But it is possible only when time wasters are kept at bay. First is our own working table and files. They must be kept clean in an organized fashion in the sense all things and files must be kept in proper places after use or reference. Things like pen, pencils, other day to day required stationery must be at the allocated places so that they are available at the time of executing the tasks. Keep away unwanted people if they drop into your cubicle without any work.

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