Global competition induce better performance

Globalization has made local companies better performers and raised quality standards.

Globalization is all that comes to one’s mind when you look around and see high tech gadgets being used as toys or buildings with awe-inspiring infrastructure. Everything made these days has a competitive edge, as even smaller cities have readied themselves to go global all the way. The challenges are taken head-on to compete with the corporate giants universally. The cut-edge competition offered is present in every sector of the market, be it clothes, techies or real estate development.

As many companies from different backgrounds are aiming for smaller cities, one can imagine the vast potential hidden in these. Many automobile companies have been set in ‘A’ or ‘B’ class cities and not mega or metros. Their products are being imported from elsewhere, but it’s the awareness that counts. The fact we’re not less informed than our Western counterparts.

Many people attribute globalization to IT companies, which is mostly true, as so is the fact that our standard of living has vastly improved because of this change. Most of the companies settling in such cities have their branches the world over and in India too. So medium or smaller cities like Halol or Indore or Pune (all in India) is no more second best to Mumbai. They are taking a stand and making place for themselves slowly but steadily.

People opt for clothing brands that have originated from say, London or The USA. And the local companies are urged into performing better and raising their standards to match those of the foreign ones. When it comes to the infrastructure and the interiors, it is globalization all the way.

What with French windows and Italian couches being top-on-the-list, the traditional furniture is passé. Many banks have opened their branches in these cities as they offer a strong client base with many IT companies housing all their accounts with these banks, which have an international network. Everyone wants to be unique, have nothing but the best and they wouldn’t mind competing worldwide.

As, ‘something different’ is what everyone wants; globalization is just the impetus required.