Smart Phones

This article we are categorizing under operations as smart phones are used by masses with several business applications and different normal hand set cellular phones.

Smart Phones are getting smarter. They not only offer more advanced features but also are being priced lower to target the mid and the mass markets.

These ‘converged’ handsets perform multiple functions of voice, data and video. Symbian Software, a leading provider of operating systems for smart phones will start providing software for handsets aimed at the mid-market level.

Symbian Software CEO said that they are looking at expanding their market share with models targeted at the mid-range pricing, but without any compromise on the features. Symbian has a worldwide installed base of around 58 million and the other leading players in the segment are Linux, Windows Mobile and PalmOS.

In the next two to three months say by mid 2007 there would be smart phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson for the mid-market. Though difficult to categorize, a smart phones are converged devices which have rich applications and would not fall in the category of min-laptop or a pocket PC.

The Indian handset market saw sales of 32 million handsets in 2005 which is expected to touch 50 million this year.

Taking the category of smart phone with prices starting from Rs 15,000 and above, it is estimated that it has around 5% market share. Nokia India is in the process of launching smart phones which will target the mass market.

These phones will also offer a lot of business tool features like instant messaging and internet browsing. Besides, some of these phones may require some modifications in the form factor that is smart phones have generally two flaps, unlike the conventional handsets.

According to industry officials, the users of smart phones fall under three categories: information workers, buyers for sheer ‘status’ and those looking at large capacity and convergence functions.

Microsoft has also rolled out its range of smart phones in the Indian market. Its smart phones are already targeted at the mid-market segment. Microsoft claims their smart phones are value propositions as they can offer.