IT education and beyond

Many youngsters today are getting inspired by the high profile lives of the corporate organizations and also by their job profile. The latest gadgets and software are a wonder to some and an art to others. May be a case to be explored or another baffled outcome, it’s your pick. When it’s the former you know exactly where to head, you’re either hardware or a software freak. And you know how to hit it from here, walk right through the much trodden road of computers. It’s all here. In the plush IT parks!

Many corporate houses are picking up their employees fresh, as soon as they graduate. What with campus recruitment taking place much before the grades are announced and these students being offered heavy paychecks, it’s a win-win situation.

This clearly points to the fact that there is a major demand for employees in the IT sector. All remarks made about the saturation level being attained for IT companies to absorb new recruits is improbable and impractical.

We are not talking about the call centers which by the way wouldn’t be such a bad bet seeing that the pay is good and the job requirements are normally within easy reach for some. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) surely serve as a good chance to earn money and walking away from such a lump sum amount requires great self restraint.

But here we are discussing about jobs which accommodate people with more concrete and computer related backgrounds. There are many courses which can pave the way to being recruited into one of these plush firms.

Computer engineering, BCS, MCA, and other hardware or software course can surely land a candidate in a good career. Otherwise, there are many short term courses offered by various universities that are also recognized by the Information Technology (IT) companies.

In the end, it’s just the will power that counts as there are some employees with hardly any computer related background but they do well due to their hard work, whereas there are people with amazing qualifications, who can’t land themselves a job. The zeal for career and its related growth must come from within and mere qualification may not help if one is not practically smart.

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