Construction Overdrive

There aren’t many things that citizens in Indian Metros are not used to. And definitely not the way huge construction projects sprout up towering all over these cities.

But a revolutionary process for speeding up construction work will definitely take even the hardy metro citizens by surprise. This is because the process of using pre-engineered buildings (PEBs), which promise to drastically cut down any structure’s construction time, is finally making inroads in the country’s booming real estate sector.

In fact, using this technology, developers can now set up malls, multiplexes and factories in record time.

As against conventional buildings which are developed using construction materials on-site, PEBs allows for the entire structure to be fabricated first in a factory and then transported to and assembled at the construction site. The pre-fabrication saves a lot of time. So if a regular conventional structure takes a year to make, PEBs would complete the project in five months flat. A brand new future for rapid construction seems to be the forecast for the industry.

This concept is already quite popular in Europe and America. In India, PEBs already account for 5% of the $12 billion Indian housing and construction industry. At present buildings made by PEBs are valued at Rs 2,500 crore, while the demand for the same is far more at Rs 4,000 crore and growing all the time.

The best bet for PEB’s future in India lies in areas like airports, factory sheds, malls, multiplexes and other commercial structures that are witnessing a lot of construction activity. And, by 2011, the market for PEB in India would be around Rs 25,000 crore while supply will not be able to meet even half of that demand.

To illustrate this point one steel fabrication facility at in Maharashtra in India is already booked for over a year. In fact the plant itself all 36,000 square meters of it was imported and then reassembled.

The PEB process comes out on top with construction working out to be 10% cheaper cost-wise.

Strength is incorporated too and the structures are tested for wind and earthquake–resistance, and are 100 % more safe than regular buildings. Every last bit is carefully designed.

In the coming days other than the military which uses such structures in a big way even big corporate companies would be using PEBs. The best advantage is that, in case one wants to shift an office to some other area, it can actually be done and much faster too.