Post Purchase Behavior of a Consumer (FMCG)

The process of buying even small products is very detailed there are various factors that effects buyer’s choice in choosing the product they want to buy for. Earlier there were few alternatives and marketing campaign were not so competitive as a result consumers have limited choice but today the number of manufacturers are high and to beat their competitors they are coming forward with cutting edge marketing campaign just to grab the attention of the consumer. It is true that we cannot deny the marketing factor as a major factor influencing the buyer’ decision but at the end it is the post purchase behavior of consumer that maintains the chain of buying.

Post purchase behavior of the consumers is very crucial for all kinds of products but it becomes more crucial when we consider it in the context of FMCG. The market of fast moving goods is loaded with numerous manufacturers and the future of many small FMCG manufacturers depends on the post purchase behavior of the consumer.

Some of the factors that mostly influence buyer’s purchasing behavior it includes:

  1. need recognition
  2. information search
  3. evaluation of alternatives
  4. purchase decision
  5. post purchase behavior

User purchases the product after a thoughtful process of evaluation of available options. Here comes the role of a good seller who could influence the buyer’s decision by providing required information about the service and products that a buyer is looking for and highlight the features on a particular product. Factors like price, term of sales, warranty service and delivery of the product may affect a consumer’s decision.

After buying the products the consumer consider points like

  • Did he make a good decision?
  • Did he choose a right product?
  • Will he get a good value of his purchase?

If the answer of the above mentioned question is positive then there are great chances that the buyer will choose the product again and again.

Let me explain the concept with an example. If a buyer is looking for a shampoo for smooth and silky hair first the buyer will check all the available options, here the role of marketing and promotion is crucial. If a certain product has highlighted its features that match the consumer’s requirement then there are chances that consumers will directly ask for that particular product, and then consumers will consider other factors like quality, quantity and price of the products. If all the factors meet consumer’s choice then he will buy the product now comes the real testing period of the product. If a consumer gets good value of the purchase that means his most of the requirements are fulfilled according to the expectation then there are great chances that the consumer will choose the product time and again.

Frequently, the consumer engages in post-purchase behavior. Buying one item may lead to the purchase of another. Re-evaluation of the purchase occurs when the consumer rates the alternative selected against performance standards. Cognitive dissonance, doubt that a correct purchase decision has been made, can be reduced by follow-up calls, extended warranties, and post-purchase advertisements.

In short consumer satisfaction is very crucial for the continuous growth of the product market. It is easy to attract the buyers and influence him through better advertising and promotion to choose a particular product but if after buying the product the consumer finds it less–effective or faces quality compromise then it would certainly affect the consumer’s buying behavior and next time the consumer will try other alternatives. If consumer’s post purchase experience is good then it will be in FMCG’s benefit. A satisfied consumer will talk about the product to his or her friends and family and word of mouth publicity is the best way to win public support where as a dissatisfied consumer will warn other people from choosing a particular product and they may even file a complaint in consumer forum. Such negative post purchase behavior of a consumer may harm the image of a company and product.

After sale service, immediate replacement of defectives, implementation of warranty and the like are the most important factors for the brand or product to earn a good name and repeat purchases. Gone are the days of ‘Sell and Forget’. So all the sellers must give due impetus to after sale service also.

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