Managerial Planning and Implementation

Planning is done for the entire corporate group. As the title makes it evident, the planning and review is done by managers (functional heads), Executive Directors, Managing Director and if required higher management or Board of Directors. The planning is done for a short term say may be a fiscal year and long term 3 to 7 years. The planning takes into account the market situation for the company’s products, production facilities in their factories, Resources (both financial and human) and others linked to the group’s products.

The growth and future of any organization largely depends on its policies, planning and its implementation. It is the responsibility of the manager and other higher authority to guide the organization in formulating plans, organizing and implementing the plans and policies. Today the corporate world is full of uncertainty if there are various ways and means to help you for the growth and expansion of the business then there are equal number of pitfalls which could bring the organization down. It is the responsibility of the higher authority to implement the managerial planning and policies in the organization for the smooth and fast growth of the organization and help the organization in achieving its vision and mission.

For the better growth of the business and organization it is necessary to introduce new changes from time to time or else the business will get caught in the routine circle and will deviate from its purpose of continuous growth.

Planning is a crucial factor and it is a continuous process. An organization and business follows uninterrupted planning throughout its life for the continuous growth.

  • Goal oriented
  • Primacy
  • Pervasive
  • Flexible
  • Continuous
  • Involves choice
  • Futuristic
  • Mental exercise
  • Planning premises

A proper planning makes the process of policy implementation easy and positive for the organization. It helps organization in many ways. A good planning helps in exploring the available resources and identifying the new resources that could help in planning and achieving a better and promising future.

The scheduling of the strategic planning process depends on the nature and requirements of the organization. For the successful implantation of the strategic plan it is essential to review the changes from time to time and evaluate it effects on the organization. The frequency of review depends on the level of change in and around the organization.

Planning makes objective clear and specific

  • Give meaning and purpose to activities
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Helps in achieving coordination
  • Helps in decision making
  • Good for creativity and novelty
  • Leads to efficiency
  • Improves adoptive behavior
  • Facilitates integration

Strategic planning and its implementation decides the future of an organization. To make the process simple and successful organizations are following various techniques. To make the managerial planning and its implementation successful make sure that you follow certain steps before moving ahead:

  • Get full and active executive support
  • Effective communication
  • Involvement of the employee
  • Deep and clear analysis of the situation
  • Realize the need of change

One of the biggest obstacles the organization faces in implementing the policies in an organization is the resistance by the employee and another member of the organization. It is necessary to educate the people before implementing changes and create a positive environment for the new changes.

The scope of managerial planning is wide and it touches almost all spheres of the organization. From recruitment procedure to business processing everything comes under the management planning and there are great chances that a change in one sphere directly or indirectly affects the rest of the parts of an organization.

Successful strategic planning implementation requires commitment and involvement from executives and senior managers. It doesn’t matter whether the strategic planning is concerned to any specific organization or it effects the whole organization a top level manager must play their part with full dedication and should provide required lead, support, follow-up and should evaluate its effect from time to time to make it successful and beneficial for the growth of the organization. Planning is beneficial for all kinds of corporation and company. Planning is essential for all phases of growth and development. They are often short-term, medium-term or long-term plans.

The process of managerial planning and implementation is critical for the existence of an organization and each step should be taken with care and attention in order to achieve higher goals.

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