Video sharing in Marketing

The reason for the popularity of this medium in marketing is almost a no brainer say marketing analysts. First of all the investment needed here is next to nothing. All one needs is camera and a computer to upload these videos. On the other hand, the target audience is pretty sizeable. Youtube alone, for instance, gets over a 100 million videos viewed each day and has tens of millions of unique visitors. And the best part is that one is not restricted with borders here – one can reach people across boundaries. Which is why companies especially startups and small companies are putting up corporate videos online.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words meaning that thousands of pictures streamed together as a video and aired is certainly worth much more.

Instead of putting up dull drab text and innumerable PDFs of products or services, which people hardly ever read, companies are starting to make use of videos to show off that sparkly new product or demonstrate the new application.

In response to the growing popularity, Youtube also offers a separate section called “channels”, which is meant to cater to corporate companies. Here again one just signs up with Youtube for free to create his own channel, which looks like a mini website of his company. They also offer tools that let one customize his channel, and put up company feeds on a regular basis.

Presentations, brainstorming sessions and meetings are an integral part of any professional organization. There is a regular dose of presentations to department groups to discuss company strategy or financial performance and so on that needs to go around to all employees. While the bulk of the audience may be at one place, there are times when they work out of different cities or across locations.

With videos there is no going wrong, because one can have detailed steps put online.

One need to show users how to master a new software product. One could do that complete with mouse clicks and screen by screen displays. So one, no longer has to answer those repetitive questions like Ok so how do I change my password again? Just videotape the exact steps of the most common problems and build up a bank of self help videos for employees.

Not everyone can make it to those grand events that one can hold a company, spending millions. So be it the opening of ones store, or a product launch or just a press conference, video tape the event to get clients more involved with the going at the company. And it would be great if those who were there could watch the highlights again.