Organizing Sales Promotion Campaigns

Though almost all companies resort to sales promotion techniques, only some of them go about the job in a planned way. Others mostly view sales promotion as a weapon that can be taken out just like that and used in an emergent situation. Sales promotion yields the intended results only when it meets certain basic requirements. The conditions for success of sales promotion are discussed below:

The first requirement is to identify the specific requirement of the firm in resorting to sales promotion. The firm finds out its need – Is it to bring in substantial extra sales immediately? Is it to offload accumulated stocks? Is it to regain loosing consumer interest in the product? Is it to enlist some support for the advertising effort that is already on?

The next step is to identify the apt program. Earlier, we discussed the different tools available for sales promotion. The firm has to select the program suitable to the current need and situation. Should it go in for product demonstration? Or free samples of the product? Or should it go in for a large-scale consumer contest? The choice of the program will be primarily decided by the resources available with the firm. A big consumer contest cannot be organized and implemented unless the firm can command substantial resources and organizing capacity. It should have the capabilities to ensure that it gets back more than what it incurs on the sales promotions program.

Often, sales promotion programs are conceived and planned at the head office of the firm and implemented in a hurry without enlisting the cooperation and involvement of the field sales people. For the campaigns to succeed, it is essential that the salesmen be briefed on the context and content of the program. They have also to be informed of their roles in the conduct of the program, given detailed information/working guides and be told what they are expected to do at different stages of the campaign.

It is also essential to enlist the support of the dealers in any large-scale sales promotion venture. Since a major part of the activity has to take place around the dealer shop, the campaign may flop if the dealer is not motivated to support it. The POP materials and the product under campaign will get the required prominence only if the dealer so desires. While organizing consumers contests, most companies incorporate dealer contests and dealer motivation programs.

The advertisement agency’s support is also essential for the successful working of a sales promotion campaign. Carrying out a sales promotion campaign is as challenging as conducting an advertising campaign. In fact, for an advertisement campaign, quite often the results do not lend for immediate measurement. For the sales promotion campaign, the results are readily available to be measured. Companies while committing heavy funds for sales promotion make it a point to ensure that they benefit from experience and expertise of their agency.