Attitude / Gratitude – An HR’s Wishlist for Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

Please be assured, that I have been a good HR all this year. I remain unaffected by the attrition and reviews. My chief aim was to increase the employee engagement score as declared by Hewitt. I screened every area and thought process within my reach, to click that path-breaking program, that will keep my employees happy. The distribution of benefits and career growth opportunities went to the deserving, to the best of my knowledge.

Industry in general was bright. when the year started. Hence, we were hiring in full swing. Towards the mid-year, the conservative out-look shadowed every talent management plan. Apart from certain roles, we remained disciplined towards new-hires. Considering this good behaviour, please include the following gifts for me :

  • A training budget for the HR Team
  • Performance reviews beyond the recency
  • Greater focus on Social Learning without speculations for the ROI through a near term window, but a long term benefit.
  • Life is ‘Wow’ attitude in our employees
  • Business leader’s inclusions and not intrusions in HR functions.
  • A think-through attitude and not a think-without, during the brainstorming sessions
  • Agreed, accepted and an ‘owned’ goal path, not just a pre-destined one.
  • Grant us a brain-gain , even through an attrition. When we build an alumni, we mean them.
  • An honest salary-survey
  • An Efficiency Dashboard that focusses on not just the task completed or even allocated, measure the incremental increase in performance and acknowledge the supporting features
  • An implementation after a training program, including the behavioral ones.
  • As we design the objectives for the next year, please let it be, unanimously echoed, from both the managers and reportees.
  • Wishes can not be all expressed and contained in a list. So please allow us to follow up. We mean no harm, when we ask for an update or an upgrade.

Our wishes are few, so are our needs. God bless you, your elves and reindeer, for we acknowledge not just the leader but empathize the team contributing towards the success. Please let the world know, we remain your humble HRs

With best regards

Humble HR

P.S.: A request to the readers of this open letter, please add on to what has been missed. Remember, Santa is listening!

We talk of training at positions ranging from upper, middle to junior but not the
There have been several discussions in CiteHR to understand how does HR work differently in the
Here is a discussion on CiteHR. Managing HR in a BPO. This is an effort made
The department or Team may be within the same company where you got a promotion
Job changing is mostly done at junior level and must be done for genuine reasons.

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    That was one good wish list but to the addition of the wish list lets not forget to pray for broadening the field of HR into research  and  HR`s work not be limited to 
    2 Training and Development 
    3.Employee engagement 
    4.Payroll and Staffing, etc, only 

    HR`s have always been the backbone of the industry without them how can an industry get its employee so lets pray that we be blessed to add more value to the company as HR`s 


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    Thank you so much sir. Being an HR & Trainer i am learning a lot from you and also i am posting in my blog these EXCELLENT for my students……..

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  • Maj B K Sharma

    Dear Santa i am getting bit greedy please
    also add the following:-

    1 please bless my organisation so that
    toxic managers are kept away.

    2 May the top man or woman treat HR expenses
    as investment and do not expect HR dept to become a “profit centre” by hiring
    at lesser compensation when we fill in replacement.

    3 Please see that line managers keep HR
    processes like appraisals and rewards objective.

    4 Keep our culture and climate healthy and
    conducive to employees and productivity

    5 May the work place be free from violence
    and unavoidable conflicts

    6 And May i remain connected with my
    employees as closely as possible


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