Careers in Business

Business in its literal sense means the state of being busy. Any activity carried out for profit making is business. A career in business means involvement in the business activities which are carried out to earn profits. Business essentially is composed of a wide variety of activities like trading, manufacturing, rendering professional services, running own business (entrepreneurship), providing consultancy services etc. A career in business is one of the most rewarding and satisfying careers. A career in business may mean working for a multinational company like Unilever or running your own industry. Running a business needs acute finance sense and only proper education would provide you this.

With the opening up of our economy by the way of globalization and liberalization processes, businesses throughout the country have received a shot in the arm. We are witnessing tremendous growth in the business sectors. Every year hundreds of new companies are coming up and existing companies are earning profits more than they had ever earned. This is opening up a plethora of opportunities for career seekers in business. Some of the sectors of business are growing at a tremendously faster rate than others, and these areas are the ones which provide lucrative careers. These are the sunrise sectors and they are none other than the financial services companies, consultancies and other related activities. This has led to a huge dearth of professional in these areas resulting in the birth of many institutes which train and develop professionals in these areas, leading to a huge demand for teaching and research personnel. The favorable attitude of the government towards private investment and its sincere efforts to develop the entrepreneurial culture in the people has led to the creation of an atmosphere in which entrepreneurship can thrive like never before. The situation today, holds tremendous prospects for professionals in finance and related areas. Any young and ambitious person serious about his career must select this path and become a professional in finance for sure fire success.

Some facts which support this are:

1. According to a report in India Today, jobs in financial services sector are among the highest paid.
2. In many reputed management institutes majority of students are choosing a career in finance.
3. McKinsey and Company a leading consultant has paid the (Till1994) highest salary for a fresher (above Rs 300,000 p.a. plus accommodation and car).
4. Majority of the new companies that came into existence in recent years, are the financial services companies.

A career in these sectors involves challenging work, high growth opportunities, lucrative pay scales and professional work environment.