Official Transfers

Moving to a new location for a job can be unsettling affair for most people.

In this fast moving world change seems to be the only constant. This dynamism extends to the job sphere as well, with location based mobility becoming increasingly common. More than ever before, individuals are shifting their location for a job often with their families in tow. Business operations are becoming decentralized the workplace is no longer simply the head office. In this highly interconnected world, there are innumerable opportunities across cities. Individuals should not lose the opportunities of prospective professional openings based on location.

Today’s professionals are expected to exhibit a certain level of flexibility, whether the company transfers you, or you land a new job that expects you to transfer location. Look at it positively and it gives you a unique experience, allowing you to encounter new people, places and situations. Personal and professional growth will follow.

Relocating is no mean task. Even the most adventure loving sorts and relocation veterans will have a suspense filled feeling of doubt within themselves as they shift. Various challenges – both expected and unexpected – may crop up. Individuals may not have sufficient time to prepare themselves for the transfer.

There are various levels of uncertainty that come with departing from known territories. You are moving to a new office and a new place. There is anxiety and worry which manifests into stress. There may be guilt, if the transfer is affecting the entire family. Fear is common, as is nervousness. It is a very trying time on physical, mental and emotional levels.

The most important part of making a transfer is to be absolutely sure of your decision. Consider all aspects of your shift. If there is doubt within you, it will let you down. Be optimistic, firm and convinced. Consult your family in the process as well, especially if they are moving with you. Participation is the key factor here. Listen their concerns, address their worries. Even the smallest and seemingly ordinary matters should be sorted out. If you have young children make sure you explain the move and the reasons behind it to them.

It is important to plan a move to the greatest extent possible, subject to the time and resources available. Prior preparation will help make the move easier for those involved. It is a strategic idea to make a visit to the place you plan to relocate to, especially if your family is moving with you. If nothing else, show your children their new home to be on Google Earth. The children especially 5 to 12 years of age are worried about leaving behind friends when they move to another city, thanks to the bread winner’s transfer. The children have to be given assurance like they could meet their friends every other month and even show them the benefits of Skype and how Skype works.

It helps to be organized – it is ill advised to leave anything to chance. Narrow down on accommodation well in advance, identify transportation and checklist the items that you need to carry with you. Don’t forget to consider seemingly minor matters such as internet, parking and closest medical facilities.

Physical preparation can only get you that far you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared as well. Embrace the change and be optimistic. Every time you feel a creeping sense of doubt, remind yourself of all the positives of the new job and life.

Mentally adjust yourself to the way of life in the place you will be shifting to. A culture shock can be most unsettling especially if you are moving to an overseas location. Even it is a global organization one must be mentally prepared for local norms and cultural intricacies right from greetings to business and social etiquette. This helps in fit right in and prevents from making embarrassing cultural mistakes.

After moving to your new location, it is important to adapt right into your new life. Go out of yourself to build your network and integrate yourself in the community. Join the local gym, go running in the park and participate in neighbourhood events – and very soon, your new location will feel like home to you.

Employees are transferred not as an incentive or for promotion but as a punishment or get rid of them. The management knows the employee do not like the place of relocation or his age, grown up children does not permit moving with family. In this case there is no alternative but to look for another job.

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  • Priya Varandani

    can anyone advise what is the salary benefit offered by the employer during transfers.

  • Narayanareddy Kalli

        around 12 to 14% hike  in CTC,

  • Suribabukomakula

    A very good article on official transfers commented on psychological point of view.  Official transfers under Government and non-governmental sectors differ from each other in the light of the points raised in the article. As far as Non-governmental sector, private organizations,  it is true that the points mentioned are quite common to be taken into view.  But as far as Government officials concern, official transfers make them in different concept and situations.  I mention hereunder certain situations/reasons/complications/mandatories under which official transfers takes place in Government Departments, and employees concern.
    1. Government make rules that every Government employee should be transferred to another place after completion of three years of stay  which can be regarded as ” Administrative Transfer”.
    2. However, there is a provision for requesting for transfer before completion of three years of stay, on health grounds, personal reasons, and on any other humanitarian consideration, to the place of choice, subject to availability of a similar vacancy, which can be regarded as ” Request Transfer”
    3. Government reserves the right to transfer any official before three year or after three years, on administrative grounds, such as on complaints etc.,
    4. Employees are at liberty to move the courts against their transfers when they resorted to join in new places.
    5. Government feels that stayal of employees in one place for more than three years, may created vested interest in them leading to the indulgence into irregularities and gratifications.
    6. Government employees always feel ready to face frequent transfers because of many factors such as political interference, favoritism etc., and make their faily members to adjust to the situations wherever they need to have a happy life.
    7. Promotional transfers are inevitable for any employee and it will be accepted by all and make all arrangements for self and family members to suit to the needs of the locality and place and no doubt every body will welcome this task.
    8. Another concept in Government sector, that there is an ” Mutual Official Transfer” with the consent of two individuals with same category of post and position, to be ordered by the competent authority under mutual consent of the two employees on request.
    9. Either in Government or in Private, any employee try to work at his place of choice with a view to have all kinds of facilities for himself and his family and not intended to have a transfer to disturb his family.
    10. The situation is different, when both wife and husbands are employees, and either of them subjected for transfer to another place, the family will be disturbed and  it is difficult for them to manage their relations.
    11. If both wife and husband are working under same Management, there is a choice to request the Management to transfer both unitedly, so that there will not be any difficulty, if the management considers under humanitarian grounds. If both wife and husband are not working under one management, it is very difficult for them when subjected to transfer either of the one, to other place, as the other spouse may not be transferred by other management and it leads to their family difficulties.
    12. There are cases where wife and husbands have been separated by means of official transfers, by the Managements due to administrative or any other reasons, and the family suffers a lot for want of unification. It cannot be denied that the feeling and behavior of such persons when isolated with each other. In such cases either of the employees may not be in a position to work sincerely with devotion to duty etc. It not only affects the employees career but also the Management’s policies.
    13. In Government sector, employees try to make their transfers to the place of their choice, by political pressure, and the employees who do not have any political influence, became scape goats on official transfers, for no fault of them. This situations cannot be avoided.
    14. Official transfer is a preragatory of the Management/Competent authority which cannot be questioned. The Management/Competent authority is having every right to place such and such an official at such and such a place for the administrative convenience and in the interest of Official business. Every employee bound to accept the transfer order notwithstanding the difficulties faced by himself or his family members.
    15. Official transfers cannot be termed a  Punishment transfer. Certain people aggrieved by the official transfer, make appeals to the higher authorities, and even  move the courts in several occasions to stor their transfers, and the Courts/Administrative Tribunals are even issuing stay orders on the official transfers in the interest of the employees. In such a circumstances, several administrative avigations  are being caused in the official business transactions hindering the administrative activities. Much of the human activity, man power, time, utility, power, administrative work will be wasted in such circumstances. Concentration is on the official transfer, but not the administrative business activity in the interest of the office.
    16. Official transfers on administrative reasons provide the facility of giving Traveling Expenditure, Transfer Traveling Allowance to self and Family members, Transportation expenses, by the management to meet the transfer charges. Management has to reimburse such expenditure to the employees.

  • Dayanchita

    Good detailed