Market opportunity


On the face of it the focus groups results would seem quite discouraging. Acceptance of coils and creams were widespread and no major dissatisfaction with their mosquito driving power. The pricing too was very affordable between Rs 5/- to Rs 10/- per pack. Distribution was very good, as it was even retailed by the Paanwala.

On the other hand, the few brands of available electrical repellent suffered from poor brand awareness arising from meager advertising support. There was almost no product knowledge, inconsistent product quality and above all disadvantageous pricing.

However, the mosquito repellents market was need-based and had nowhere to go but grow. The mood of the times had a different story to tell. Closely linked to television growth, there was a consumer boom for new products and new brands. The consumer was always looking for a better option. The company shared this optimism with the advertising agency and was convinced that with proper advertising its brand could undo the negative images created by the contemporary EMD brands.

The key to success would be for advertising to create a high value perception for the price differential between coils / creams and the client’s Electrical Mosquito Destroyer (EMD) brand.

Marketing Objectives

1. Graduate dissatisfaction coil / cream users.
2. Make EMD form the premium product segment.
3. Market share of at least 5% in the 1st year.

Advertising Objectives

1. Encourage trial by highlighting EMDs as the modern repellent form.
2. Product concept selling a must.
3. Demonstrate ease-of-use.

Creative Strategy

Brand name The agency developed a number of brand names out of which two were short listed.

1. Sukhami
2. Good Knight

Sukhami was developed as an Indo-Japanese hybrid to connote a Japanese technology product promising ‘sukh’ or a happy and peaceful sleep.

Good Knight literally means the Good Protector. But more importantly, the brand name verbalizes the consumer benefit in its entity.

Between the two, Good Knight offered better advertising possibilities and also unmistakably positioned the brand as one for the night. Besides, as a word, it was part of common parlance in most Indian languages and a very well understood form of salutation. Hence, it was decided to proceed with this name.


The Packaging had to —-

1. Display brand name prominently.
2. Show the product it contained.
3. Convey consumer benefit.
4. Have good display value.

The prominent use of mother and child in peaceful slumber has had high emotive appeal. Today, Good Knight pack has become the standard for other competitors who wish to “belong� to this category.

Prime target group

Mothers and fathers of households with young school going children were the primary target group. Parents did not want their children to be seen with mosquito bites and were also afraid of smoke causing coughs. The voiceover in the commercial went like this:

Good Knight so easy to use, insert a Good Knight mat./

Plug in and

Switch on

Freedom from mosquitoes

Sweet dreams

Good Knight folks

Sweet dreams and

Good knight folks.