Consumer Behavior (Research)

Attracting a consumer to their product is a marketer’s goal. But a consumer gets attracted and opts for repeated purchases if the product has good aesthetics, fully satisfies the consumer in his or her use and the marketer offers good after sale services.

The world of marketing is completely dominated by the buyers. It is the buyer’s behavior that decides the fate of any product or company. A buyer’s behavior includes pre-purchase behavior and post purchase response. It is the consumer’s response that decides the future of the product or service in the market. As a result more and more industries and businesses are investing great amount of time and money in reading consumer behavior.

The success of any product largely depends on the buyer’s response as a result it is very important to research consumer behavior and develops the product accordingly. Design a marketing strategy keeping in mind the consumer’s interest.

The process of buying a product is very complex and there are various factors that affect buyer’s behavior in choosing a certain product over the other. Though there is no a set rule or law to interpret the consumer’s behavior, but close study of the market and analysis of consumer buying behavior could help in explaining consumer behavior. It elaborates what influences the consumer’s decision while selecting a particular product or service.

The procedure of buying any product is long and there are various factors that lead the buyer towards buying.


One of the major factors that lead a consumer towards the buying is the problem or need. Suppose if you have television and it is working properly you will hardly consider buying another T.V, but if your television is not working properly or you don’t have a television then there is a greater probability that you will explore the market with the urge to buy a T.V that fits well in your budget and meets your expectation. Before launching the product it is necessary to know what is the scope of the particular product and how consumers will respond to it.

Information search:

Though radical marketing and advertising have made it a lot easier for the buyer to choose a particular product or service, but still a buyer likes to explore the market before making a final decision. Today’s consumer has access to various sources of information. They search on the internet, read reviews in magazines and newspapers ask their friends and relatives regarding service and quality of a particular product. Unless they are completely satisfied with reviews and feedback they will not make any final decision.

Evaluation of available options:

This process includes price comparison, features, guarantee time, price, durability and other factors. People mostly choose the product that offers best value. Today’s consumers are well-informed and they know what they want. Unless and until a product meets all the expectation they will not go for it. If a buyer is looking for the television then he will consider all the available options and he will choose the one that offers best price value.


Once the consumer is satisfied with all the aspects he decides to buy a certain product. Earlier local shops were the only place to shop for but many people prefer stores, online portals and phone service for buying a product.

Post-purchase behavior;

Consumer’s post purchase behavior deeply effects future purchasing. If a consumer is happy and satisfied with the service then there are great chances that he will again go for the same product and will recommend it to others as well where as if a consumer is dissatisfied he will discourage others from buying the product and will never come back.

To know more about consumers it is suggested that one should read the psychology of how consumers think, feel, reason, and select between different alternatives (e.g., brands, products, and retailers). The psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.g., culture, family, signs, media).

Analyze the consumer’s behavior thoroughly and make your product launch easy and successful.

Lastly, if the product is good and to the satisfaction of the consumers there are many outlets a marketer can display and sell his goods at. The outlets are Malls, Supermarkets, big retail shops and if the item is of low value then petty stores. The marketer must make his product attract consumers and sell through all outlets.