Employee Behavior in the Organization

We live in a civilized society and each of us our bound to follow certain etiquette and manners depending upon the demand of circumstances. Whether you work for a private organization, government office or work in a local store you have to follow certain manners within the organization, here behaviors not only imply how you talk and interact with others but it includes the employee’s attitude, motivation and personality as well. Each of us has a unique personality and we respond differently to similar situation, our attitude and thinking reflects in our response and usually it is the attitudes that lead to specific behavior. An employee’s behavior in an organization not only affects him or his performance but it affects others as well.

Organizational behavior study about how people, group and individual behave in an organization. The link between employee’s behaviors and the organization’s cultural are deeply connected to each other. It is the organization’s culture that sets the foundations of the strategies to be followed in order to achieve organizational goals. The employee behavior is seen as the outward expression of an employee’s perception of organizational culture.

There are four major models or frameworks that organizations operate out of, Autocratic, Custodial, Supportive, and Collegial: the organization is a reflection of its vision, mission, philosophies and values. It directly affects the organization’s culture which in turn reflects in an employee’s behavior.

Organizational culture can be viewed in three realms, these are;

  • behavior
  • values
  • assumptions and beliefs

The success of an organization depends on highly motivated work force. It has become crucial for the organization to manage the employee’s behavior and keep them motivated so that an organization can get the best from the employee.

Happy and satisfied employees are an asset to the employer. An employee with a positive outlook, positive motivation and balance view will not only complete his task but will motivate others in performing well. The employee’s attitude is influenced by several factors, and job satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors. Major factors influencing employee’s behavior in an organization are:

  • Dispositional Influence
  • Job Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction
  • Cultural Influence
  • Work Situation Influences

Mangers play a dominant role in affecting organizational culture and hence it indirectly affects employee’s behavior. A manger should display a character and personality that he wants to see in his employee. A good manager is also skillful in dealing with organization’s issue and mostly come with the solution that is acceptable to all the parties and no one feels offended or ill-treated. Such a culture will influence the employee’s behavior and will help them in following an acceptable behavior within the organization. Following organization’s culture will help employees in controlling their behavior and attitude and will help them to fit well in the organization.

It is the task of the human resource department to keep the employee motivated and inspired. An employee with high motivation, positive attitude and co-operative outlook is an asset to an organization and such behavior helps in achieving higher mission of an organization with ease. Here the role of the HR department is very crucial a good HR manager knows how to keep an employee happy and satisfied so that he will give his or her best for the growth of an organization and for the personal growth. Though one cannot neglect an employee’s personality and character but an organization’s culture and HR policies also affects employee’s behavior within the organization.

The employee’s attitude and behavior are affected by many factors it includes factors like age, level of ambition, social status, political and social activity, environment within the organization, family life etc. A positive encouragement for better performance and good work motivates and inspires an employee to give his or her best. It is the job performance that led towards job satisfaction and not vice-a-versa. An employee’s behavior truly depicts the organizational culture. An employee’s behavior reflects the organization culture, to change the employee’s behavior and outlook for the job as it is important to bring significant changes in the organization’s culture.

Employee behavior also mostly depends upon 1) home environment and 2) working environment. Manager or employee’s superior can take care of work environment. It is better to send the employee for counseling to the HR department or even outside counseling expert. To a large extent the employee’s problems can be solved this easily.

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